GNR: I’m in!

GNR: I’m in!

Well, the title of this post kinda gives the game away! I’m doing a very happy dance, as I’m in! I secured a place in the Great North Run! Squeeeeeeeeee!


It’s one of those races that I watch on TV every year, and wish I was participating. And this year, I will be!

I think I’m right in saying that the Great North Run is the world’s biggest Half Marathon (correct me, or back me up on this, please!), and this year, the one millionth participant will cross the finish  line. Secretly, I’ll be running and pretending that it’s me 😉

It’s on Sunday, 7th September, and since that’s about seven weeks before my first full marathon, I thought it would fit in nicely with my training. I may have to tag on a couple of miles at the end, but that should be ok 😉

Unfortunately, @TheWelshWookie didn’t secure a place 😦 so, I’ll be running myself.

But I can’t help but be excited!

For anyone who has run it before, any tips?