Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts

After the high point last week of the Kintyre Way Ultra, this week has been decidedly more quiet and significantly slower paced! I’m still working my way through the May Accumulator challenge, and everything is still on track for my next event, which is the Leadership Journey 26 mile walk next Saturday.


I wanted to get a recovery run done, to shake out my legs after Saturday’s escapade. I headed to the timber route and kept my pace slow, just enjoying the views and the beautiful smell of pine, rain and soil. Gorgeous!

Distance: 4m

Time: 46m 16s

Elevation: 420ft

Pace: 11.33/m

In the evening, I was able to join Jacqui’s Fitness Pilates, this week class was with prickle balls and was exactly what I needed to help with my post-race recovery. Loved it!


We went for an evening trail walk, to test out the new running poles which were delivered literally 20 minutes before the race on Saturday!🤣 I opted not to take them on Saturday, but wanted to get out to practice some technique. I think they’ll help with the 26 miles which is good news.

Only 2.88 miles, but 728ft of elevation.


A short evening run, after work. The weekend and a heavy couple of days were definitely taking their toll and I was tired for this one.

Distance: 3m

Time: 33m 24s

Elevation: 92ft

Pace: 11.07/m


A short lunchtime run, feeling a little fresher than I did the day before!

Distance: 3m

Time: 31m 54s

Elevation: 66ft

Pace: 10.36/m


I had originally planned another run, however My second covid vaccine was moved forward and so I headed out for a walk as soon as I’d had that taken care of. No photos, but 3.66 miles done, and no adverse effects from the second dose of vaccine thankfully!

This coming week I’ll still be keeping my training light, saving my energy and enthusiasm for next Saturday!🙌

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