Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Did you miss me last week? I was off on holiday and so I also took a sneaky little holiday from posting, too.

What did you miss? I bet I missed more!

As we had a fabulous family wedding and a trip to see more family, my fitness plans- and my 5×50 Challenge- did slip however.

Here’s a roundup of the past two weeks:

Monday – Veraflow which is a lovely, lovely class

Tuesday- Sculpt followed by Trigger Point Pilates

Wednesday – Walk

Thursday – PiYo

Friday – I didn’t get any meaningful activity in, so I’ll count that as a rest day 😉

Saturday – Wedding – I danced A LOT

Sunday – not much activity but we did walk to and from places in the West End

The following week:

Monday – travelling all day

Tuesday – walk

Wednesday – walk

Thursday- walk

Friday – walk

Saturday – walk

Sunday – walk

Did you spot the pattern last week? 🤣 The weather was lovely for late autumn- dry, crisp and cold so we made the most of it by getting out and walking. I’ve had some twinges in my left knee: nothing serious but I felt I should rest it and walk rather than risking it and running.

Here’s something different for today’s motivation, I do hope you like it: I’m not sure how achievable some of these are (day 21 – really?) but others look good to me. Have a great week!

Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

What a week! It was incredibly busy for me, with a full on working week and another packed weekend.

I continued on my 5×50 challenge, keeping the momentum up until Thursday but getting meaningful exercise in over this weekend was incredibly difficult. Here’s what I managed:

Monday: the week started well with a lovely Veraflow class.

Tuesday: my usual Double Bubble with Sculpt followed by Trigger Point Pilates. I tried out my new balls which were amazing!

Wednesday: at Jog Scotland we did sprints – a 19 minute warm up followed by 2×2 minutes tempo, 4×1 minute and 4×30 sec sprints and a 19 minute cool down. Ace!

Thursday: a fab PiYo Class. It was amazing and I felt great afterwards!

Then, it all fell apart a little…..

Friday: I tried to get extra steps in, and we found ourselves trying to catch up some distance even in the supermarket. All in all I managed a disappointing 2.5k.

On Saturday I did a little better. We had our Christmas Day out – at sing-along-Calamity-Jane and I kicked off the day with a brisk 30 minute walk to the train station. Yay!

Sunday: not great. I was up and out early, visiting George Square in Glasgow for Remembrance Sunday. I did manage over 6.75k, so it wasn’t too bad. But it wasn’t a purposeful walk either.

I’m back on track today, and though I know I have another challenging weekend coming up with my brother and soon-to-be sister in law’s wedding on Saturday, I may well be counting dancing as my activity!

Here’s some motivation for this week:

Have a good one!

Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

It’s another fresh week, and another damp start here in Argyll. How was your week? I was quite pleased with how I kicked off another 5×50 Challenge, and I stuck to my seven days of activity with no huge issues. Go me!

For those of you not familiar with it, the challenge is to do 5k or 30 minutes of exercise a day for 50 days, and this round kicked off last Sunday. Here’s what I did:

Sunday: a walk through Blarbuie Woods

Monday: Veraflow

Tuesday: Sculpt followed by Trigger Point Pilates

Wednesday: run with Jog Scotland

Thursday: 30 minute walk

Friday: 5k run

Saturday: 5k walk

Sunday: 6.6k walk along Crinan Canal

Not bad! Given that the weather is changing and we move into later autumn, here’s a reminder for you: Here’s to another great week!