Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

What a week! It was incredibly busy for me, with a full on working week and another packed weekend.

I continued on my 5×50 challenge, keeping the momentum up until Thursday but getting meaningful exercise in over this weekend was incredibly difficult. Here’s what I managed:

Monday: the week started well with a lovely Veraflow class.

Tuesday: my usual Double Bubble with Sculpt followed by Trigger Point Pilates. I tried out my new balls which were amazing!

Wednesday: at Jog Scotland we did sprints – a 19 minute warm up followed by 2×2 minutes tempo, 4×1 minute and 4×30 sec sprints and a 19 minute cool down. Ace!

Thursday: a fab PiYo Class. It was amazing and I felt great afterwards!

Then, it all fell apart a little…..

Friday: I tried to get extra steps in, and we found ourselves trying to catch up some distance even in the supermarket. All in all I managed a disappointing 2.5k.

On Saturday I did a little better. We had our Christmas Day out – at sing-along-Calamity-Jane and I kicked off the day with a brisk 30 minute walk to the train station. Yay!

Sunday: not great. I was up and out early, visiting George Square in Glasgow for Remembrance Sunday. I did manage over 6.75k, so it wasn’t too bad. But it wasn’t a purposeful walk either.

I’m back on track today, and though I know I have another challenging weekend coming up with my brother and soon-to-be sister in law’s wedding on Saturday, I may well be counting dancing as my activity!

Here’s some motivation for this week:

Have a good one!

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