The Clutha

The Clutha

Today, on St Andrew’s Day, instead of spending time reading a blog, please say a prayer for the victims, survivors, rescue services, volunteers and families of those involved in the terrible incident last night. The people of Glasgow have shown their resilience and community spirit once again.


Movember Round Up

Movember Round Up

Well, now that we’re at the end of Movember, and staring down the barrel of December (yay!) I thought I’d do a quick Movember round-up.


Favourite run this month?

@TheWelshWookie and I really enjoyed the MoRun earlier this month:


And @TheWelshWookie has been sporting his Mo all month:

photo (3)

All in the name of charity 😉

I was delighted to find out that my MoRun race report was mentioned on the Mo Running website’s MoBlog!

Screenshot (16)

Favourite food this month? Well, it’s been a toss-up between a bag of metcalfe’s popcorn and my pizza and salad last week:

photo photo (1)

What has been your Movember highlight?

Being Thankful.

Being Thankful.

I think I may have been born on the wrong continent. I LOVE Thanksgiving; it is so powerful!


While many of you are celebrating, holidaying and having family time, I’ll be working: but I’ll be thankful for that. I’ll be thinking about all of my own blessings, and those of my family today.

I’ll then be heading home to share in your traditions: good food, good company and football.


So, whatever you are doing, and whomever you are spending it with: enjoy. My thankful blessings are with you all!

Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom

photo (2)

POTM Confession Time

POTM Confession Time

It’s time to ‘fess up. We’re now nearing the end of the Pile on the Miles challenge, and I’m off target, with little chance of recovering- unless I somehow fit in a couple of marathons this week.


I had initially planned to achieve 150K this month. It looks like my mileage will be closer to 100K 😦

Thanks, padres- I feel better now I’ve gotten that out in the open! The main reason for my short mileage is a combination of being a wuss and not running in the dark, along with busy weekends away with no running, and with busier-than-usual evenings too.


So, I’m going to celebrate what I have achieved, and not get too downhearted. After all, we all know:


How have your November challenges gone?



Back in September, I shared with you my product review of the CrossTrain ID Bracelet. I’d been super-fortunate, and I had won it on Run Eat Repeat‘s fab blog.

img_2459 (2)

I wouldn’t say I’m usually lucky: I seldom win raffles or anything like that, but this year I also won the ‘guess the number of midges in the jar’ comp at Tarbet Seafood Festival back in July:

IMG_1413 IMG_1469

My prize was champagne, sweeties and skin-so-soft to stop the midges biting! They say that the best things come in threes. And I’ve won my third comp of the year: a £50 voucher to spend at the wonderful Pink Poodle Boutique which is located in the West End of Glasgow. I’ve been shopping there since I was at University, waaay back last century, and they have all kinds of quirky, pretty gifts and treats for sale. 🙂 Here’s how I found out:

photo (1)

It’s also my third FaceBook competition win: in the past, I won six cupcakes and a Modalu handbag.

I love winning! I might never win a race, but that’s OK with me! 😀


What have you won before?

Almost St. Andrew’s

Almost St. Andrew’s

On our drive home today, I was thinking about the coming week: with Thanksgiving, followed by St. Andrew’s day on Saturday. As @TheWelshWookie and I will be in Coventry this weekend, I thought we’d better have haggis at some point this week, since we won’t have it on Saturday.
And so, we stopped off at the George Hotel in Inveraray for dinner. And what did I have? Oh, there was only one thing on my mind: haggis, neeps ‘n’ tatties, with a green peppercorn sauce. Yummy. Very winter-warming!

In keeping with foods with an ‘n’ in the name, @TheWelshWookie has fish ‘n’ chips:

We’re now home. And I’m road testing my new slipper socks…

I hope you’re having a comfy, cozy Sunday. Did you have a busy weekend or a quiet one?

Scrambled Eggs- My Way!

Scrambled Eggs- My Way!

I love scrambled eggs. I love them!


I thought I’d share my quick tips on making the best eggs, but then I thought – does everyone know the bottle trick for removing the yolks, without making a mess, or taking forever?

Well, I’ve made a very short clip to show you how!

Start off with your eggs in a bowl, or jug, or whatever. I used 5 eggs today: but only one yolk.


Use the bottle technique to remove four of the egg yolks:

Sorry- I forgot to turn my iPhone when filming, so it looks like it’s been taken through a letter box 😦

Then whisk:


Add a spot of soy milk


And whisk again


Now, usually I’d pour it into a pan, and stir until scrambled. But, we have a new microwave, which was calling me. So for the first time ever, and after 3 minutes, I had microwaved scrambled eggs!


I put them on top of my toast, and sprinkle with ground black pepper and chilli flakes:


Delish! Enjoy!

A Friday Funny

A Friday Funny

I found this on Sport Motivation’s Facebook Page, and it really made me laugh out loud.

No offence, folks, but…..


Happy Friday all! Hope you all have a busy weekend, with lots of running (and caber tossing) planned!

On My Way Today

On My Way Today

I’ve been saying how the weather has turned cold and wintry recently. I though that, today, I’d show you.

And so, I took a couple of snaps to and from Helensburgh today. Also, because the scenery is lovely 😉

Here’s a view looking down Loch Fyne, from Lochgilphead. You can see the Isle of Arran in the distance. #nofilter20131121-150959.jpg

This picture is of the snow peaked Arrochar Alps, just peeking out behind the hill, as you leave Inveraray:20131121-151109.jpg

And here’s Inveraray itself:20131121-151153.jpg

These next two pics are of Loch Long, from Arrochar at the head of the Loch:20131121-151237.jpg


And this final pic is of the helicopter taking equipment to the guys at the Rest and Be Thankful, who are still working to reduce the landslips. The traffic was stopped both ways to allow the helicopter to fly right in, in front of me 🙂20131121-151452.jpgSo, after my four hours in the car, I’m looking forward  to hammering the treadmill and rower tonight.

Then, it’s time to pack for another weekend away, and for a glass of vino 😉

What was  your commute like today?