The Christmas Scarf

The Christmas Scarf

Happy Monday, everyone!
And Happy Christmas Eve’s Eve!

My new Christmas scarf arrived, just in time for returning to work today:



No running for us tonight: it’s wild out there again! But @TheWelshWookie and I do need to agree the distance we are going to run on Christmas Day.
Any suggestions? Are you planning a run for tomorrow or Wednesday?

19 thoughts on “The Christmas Scarf

  1. I have an 18km run planned for Boxing Day, will have to be at 6am in order to beat the heat though. I hope your Christmas weather is lovely and calm, sounds like you deserve it after all the wild weather of the last few weeks 🙂

    1. Oh, wow! That’s a tough ask: good for you! I’m hoping for a quieter spell of weather, but we have wind and flood warnings for tomorrow! :/

  2. Wonderful scarf!

    I agreed to a group run to hand out some socks, gloves, and cookies to the homeless shelters along the way… Here I thought it’d be about 6 miles…alas… Looks like I’m in for a 2 hour running adventure!

    Have a happy holiday!

  3. I have a Christmas cat scarf. The cats are sitting on different colored ornaments….plus is silk or satin or polyester…or a mixture! Its pretty hideous, but I like to wear it at the purrfect time! LOL..get it…purrfect? Your scarf is way prettier!! 🙂

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