Running a Wedding

Running a Wedding

I’m hoping you’ll forgive me, but for the next week, my focus is going to be on the wedding. I’ll still be running, but @TheWelshWookie and I have other priorities this week, not least enjoying it, and making the most of the final build-up. We’re now only eight days away from W-day. Squeeeee!

@TheWelshWookie found this on line the other day:

run proposal

How cool is that? It’s one we definitely missed!

Today, I got in my 5K run for the 5×50 challenge, and I’m planning on keeping this on track over the next couple of weeks. I also spent time today trying on my wedding dress and accessories: thankfully the dress still fits fine! Phew! 🙂

So, do you have any running-related wedding advice for us?




29 thoughts on “Running a Wedding

  1. Good luck with the big day! No advice, running or wedding related. Just enjoy the moments leading up to it.

  2. Running has enriched my relationship with my Husband – we can talk about something that has nothing to do with any other area of our life and is stress-free. We celebrate each other’s successes and it’s always fun. I’m not one to give advice but my suggestion is to keep running together into your future and you will always have a happy place to share together. Happy Wedding Week xxx I hope the memories you make on your Wedding Day are as rich and happy as the ones my Husband and I made on ours xxx Special!

  3. Run the day like you want it. Run the day all about you two. Run the day making the most of each moment. Run the day with cake, food and wine. Run the day with family and friends. Run the day with dancing.

    Run the day the way you two want the day run. 😉

    So happy for you. xx

  4. Take time to run on you wedding day, it will help shake away the jitters and relax you at the same time. Wear your running shoes 😉 Very exciting!

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