Running in the Rain

Running in the Rain

When I was in Dunoon today, I watched the storm clouds brewing:


And my first thought was, urgh!

You’d think I’d be used to it. I live on the West Coast of Scotland. Rain is something you’d expect me to be used to running in. But I’m not!

In the past, I’ve always been a ‘fair weather’ runner; I’ve skipped any runs that would involve running in the rain.

Yes, I know, I know.


But over the past 18 months, I’ve run in all weathers, and I really do love it, but I still find that I need to drag myself out there when it rains. When I’m actually running, I enjoy it- running in the rain is great! It’s refreshing, it keeps you cool, the roads are generally quieter, I get to splash in puddles…… but why do I still find it hard to get myself out the door?

Tonight, the rain was torrential, and the wind was quite strong. I didn’t really want to run. But I did. And I LOVED it! We were pretty speedy (well, for us, that is). We only did a two miler, since we’re, ahem, lazy ‘tapering’ for Sunday’s 10K, but I’m really pleased with the run 🙂

And, I found another heart!


Here’s a heart I found a couple of weeks ago, that I forgot to share….


Run: 2 miles

Time: 18:44

Trainers: LunarFly GTX

Weather: very wet, rainy and windy

I listened to a Jillian Michael’s podcast again today, instead of music 🙂

Today’s Life Lesson: am I the only person who leaves their reusable bags in the car EVERY time I go to the supermarket?

How do you feel about running in the rain?

26 thoughts on “Running in the Rain

  1. I love running in the rain. I remember a track meet in high school that it was raining and I had one of my fastest races. I specifically remember opening my mouth and “drinking” some of the rain when I was getting tired. It helped!

  2. When our ‘rainy season’ begins, I hate it and tend to stick to the treadmill, but eventually that gets boring and I’ll venture out into the rain and I end up loving it and thinking it is so refreshing 😉

  3. I like to run in the rain, but not when my socks get soggy!! I ave never once in my life remembered to take n my recycling bags!! Our similarities are endless:)

  4. I am going to have to say that I don’t miss the London rain and love being in sunny California. People keep telling me that the ‘rainy’ season is starting… I am skeptical that it will live up to its name. 🙂

  5. I’m the same as you – it’s a thought to head out in the rain but I love it once I start. I ran 11.5 miles in it tonight and came back looking like a drowned rat but with a smile plastered across my face (once I peeled away the wet hair that was also plastered across my face lol!)

  6. Love your heart pictures. I thought you had shared one of them before…maybe I am wrong 🙂

    I have come to love running in the rain as well and last nights workout took place in the rain. It’s the wind and rain that get to me more.

  7. Running in the rain is like pre-dawn runs. Quiet and soothing. You know the only people you see out are there for the same reasons as you.
    Unless I forget my hat and rain is running into my eyes. Then the toys are out of the pram and I find myself thinking ‘this is s#^%’ and swearing to myself to remember my cap next time. Like my reusable bags. No, wait…

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