Ramp up the Red

Ramp up the Red

Today, it’s Ramp up the Red Day, in support of the British Heart Foundation
The aim is to encourage people to wear red and raise awareness (and raise money) for BHF and heart disease, and how if affects people from all walks of life.
I was working today, and we were supporting the campaign in work, so I busted out my red top, red beads, shiny patent red shoes, red Modalu handbag AND red coat. Too much? 😉


@TheWelshWookie was also dressed in red, as his work was supporting the event too.
In other news, I’m about to settle down to watch the opening of the Sochi Olympics- I wonder how it will compare to Danny Boyle’s London spectacular?
Happy Friday, all! Are you planning on watching much of the Winter Olympics?

Running in the Rain

Running in the Rain

When I was in Dunoon today, I watched the storm clouds brewing:


And my first thought was, urgh!

You’d think I’d be used to it. I live on the West Coast of Scotland. Rain is something you’d expect me to be used to running in. But I’m not!

In the past, I’ve always been a ‘fair weather’ runner; I’ve skipped any runs that would involve running in the rain.

Yes, I know, I know.


But over the past 18 months, I’ve run in all weathers, and I really do love it, but I still find that I need to drag myself out there when it rains. When I’m actually running, I enjoy it- running in the rain is great! It’s refreshing, it keeps you cool, the roads are generally quieter, I get to splash in puddles…… but why do I still find it hard to get myself out the door?

Tonight, the rain was torrential, and the wind was quite strong. I didn’t really want to run. But I did. And I LOVED it! We were pretty speedy (well, for us, that is). We only did a two miler, since we’re, ahem, lazy ‘tapering’ for Sunday’s 10K, but I’m really pleased with the run 🙂

And, I found another heart!


Here’s a heart I found a couple of weeks ago, that I forgot to share….


Run: 2 miles

Time: 18:44

Trainers: LunarFly GTX

Weather: very wet, rainy and windy

I listened to a Jillian Michael’s podcast again today, instead of music 🙂

Today’s Life Lesson: am I the only person who leaves their reusable bags in the car EVERY time I go to the supermarket?

How do you feel about running in the rain?

Short and Sharp

Short and Sharp

Short and Sharp. No, not my temper- though usually it is 😉 but my run this evening!


I thought I should head out, and do a short, sharp threshold run, to see if I can build up some speed in advance of my races in October. And I ran pretty slow by most folks standards fast- for me 😉

During my first mile, I kinda forgot that I was supposed to be doing a threshold run, so I managed a mile in 9:27. My second mile was much better, at 9.05, so I was really pleased with that.

It was just as well I only planned to do two miles, as I definitely could not have maintained that for a third mile tonight!

On my way home, I found my first heart! 😀 runningtoherdreams has some beautiful pictures of nature’s hearts on her blog, and I’ve been looking for one for weeks. And tonight, I finally found one 🙂


Today’s Stats:

Run: 2 miles, threshold run

Time: 18:32

Weather: Cloudy with still some warmth in the air. It’s definitely getting cooler, though

Trainers: Nike Lunar Glides

Favourite Running Track Today: I’ve waited ten days to come across this one on my iPod!

Today’s Life Lesson: Some days, you just make good, steady progress. Be grateful for these, they don’t come often!

When did you last do a threshold run?