Ramp up the Red

Ramp up the Red

Today, it’s Ramp up the Red Day, in support of the British Heart Foundation
The aim is to encourage people to wear red and raise awareness (and raise money) for BHF and heart disease, and how if affects people from all walks of life.
I was working today, and we were supporting the campaign in work, so I busted out my red top, red beads, shiny patent red shoes, red Modalu handbag AND red coat. Too much? 😉


@TheWelshWookie was also dressed in red, as his work was supporting the event too.
In other news, I’m about to settle down to watch the opening of the Sochi Olympics- I wonder how it will compare to Danny Boyle’s London spectacular?
Happy Friday, all! Are you planning on watching much of the Winter Olympics?

14 thoughts on “Ramp up the Red

    1. Of course! I’m pretty sure that the redcoat stayed until the late 1880s or so- very camouflaging!

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