Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

How on earth did we get to the end of January? As usual, this month has felt endless- but at the same time I can’t believe I’m already a month into my challenge to get back on track. I’ve had another fantastic week, both my fitness and my eating has been on track so I’m pleased. There’s been no secret to this- it has been down to preparation and making sure I stick to the plan. So far, so good! Here’s how my week turned out:

Monday: I did two classes. First up was Core Conditioning. It’s tough, it I had definitely made progress compared to the previous week’s class. And the DOMS I had in Tuesday and Wednesday were a real testament to that. We then had Veraflow which was great for stretching and for balance, and ends with a much welcomed mindfulness session.

Tuesday: we had snow, and the roads were a bit tricky so classes weren’t on. However at lunchtime I headed out with Alison for a snowy run, to christen my new trail shoes. It was beautiful!

Wednesday: the previous days snow had frozen so JogScotland was cancelled, but I wanted to give my new trail shoes a go on ice, so I met up with Alison and Lesley for a short run. We did lamppost sprints, which I’d never do in my own.

Thursday: the weather had improved and Class was back on so it was back to PiYo, which I had missed the previous week. It was one of those nights when everything clicked and it was great!

Friday: I had a rest day after four solid days of activity.

Saturday: the weather was wild with winds and driving, icy rain but I was determined to get out and test my new trail shoes on a muddy trail. I reckon that it’s very likely the weather won’t cooperate on the day of the Kintyre Way Relay so I might as well train and get ready for that. I did just short of 3.5 miles doing the short Castle loop three times. I focused on building confidence running downhill in the slippy mud and I think I did that. I did walk at times, and stopped to take plenty of pictures – I loved it. I had planned to do 4 miles but I’m happy enough with how my run went.

Sunday: a rest day. I’m heading into another busy week and in the past my enthusiasm has overruled my sense and I’ve pushed too hard, too soon resulting in injury. I’m going to take my time to build up slowly in the coming weeks, balancing distance with hills and cross training to hopefully achieve the best results.

I’ve also done more mindfulness this week, I’m sure that’s not done any harm whatsoever!

Here’s some motivation that has worked for me, if you’re flagging as we head into the last few days of this month:

Have a great week!

A Belated Festive Photo Dump

A Belated Festive Photo Dump

I’ve been clearing out my phone of the hundreds of pics I’ve had on there since Christmas, and thought I’d share some belated Christmas crackers with you.

I hope you like!

Is it nearly Christmas yet? 😉








Ramp up the Red

Ramp up the Red

Today, it’s Ramp up the Red Day, in support of the British Heart Foundation
The aim is to encourage people to wear red and raise awareness (and raise money) for BHF and heart disease, and how if affects people from all walks of life.
I was working today, and we were supporting the campaign in work, so I busted out my red top, red beads, shiny patent red shoes, red Modalu handbag AND red coat. Too much? 😉


@TheWelshWookie was also dressed in red, as his work was supporting the event too.
In other news, I’m about to settle down to watch the opening of the Sochi Olympics- I wonder how it will compare to Danny Boyle’s London spectacular?
Happy Friday, all! Are you planning on watching much of the Winter Olympics?

Indoors and Outdoors

Indoors and Outdoors

The training is under way again, and after a couple of months of just running when I felt like it, and for as long or as short as I wanted, I’m surprised at how easily I’ve fallen back into the schedule!

I’ve always liked routine, so I suppose I shouldn’t really be surprised. Structure works for me 😉

Last night, I mixed it up a little, and did my three miler on the treadmill.


I watched the latest episode of The Following while I ran, and that helped the minutes to fly by. Turns out my teenage crush on Kevin Bacon is still there…. 😉


I also did some weights, as the show hadn’t finished by the time my run was done. I’m sticking to my plan like glue!

Tonight, it was great to get outside and run. I really, really enjoyed it. It felt great after yesterday’s cooped up run. Unusually, it was both dry AND still daylight when we headed out, but the light faded fast at the end of the run.

Here’s the view over the harbour at the end of my three miler, which is a little blurry: sorry about that! 🙂


Tomorrow’s a rest day, and I suspect that I’ll be itching to get out again come Saturday!

Are you training right now? How’s it going for you?

Countdown to Madrid

Countdown to Madrid

Tonight, the training started. The Countdown to Madrid has begun!

OK, so between now and then there’s the small matter of a wedding, but for this evening, my mind is firmly on Madrid! 🙂

Following yesterday’s rest day, my training plan called for a nice, easy 3 miler, which @TheWelshWookie and I did around the harbour as usual. It felt great! I forgot to set my Hal Higdon app, but I was able to enter my info manually.

20140204-194825.jpg 20140204-194249.jpg

Tonight, I’m going to settle down with my Madrid guidebook, and begin planning our post-race festivities!


Have you ever been to Madrid? Any ‘must do’s’ I should know about?

A Portavadie Run

A Portavadie Run

While @TheWelshWookie and I were in Portavadie last week, we headed out for a run. On our way, we ran past the General Manager, Iain, who shouted after us that we were putting everyone else to shame! 🙂

Having said that, we only had a very short run. But it was great, to blow the cobwebs away.

Here were the views:





20140110-194904.jpgI took a picture of that particular boat because it was called Dignity. And, to reach Portavadie, someone had obviously ‘sailed her up the West Coast’. If there are any Deacon Blue fans out there, you’ll know how cool that is!

Happy Hogmanay!

Happy Hogmanay!

Happy Hogmanay!

And a Happy New Year too!


Portavadie Marina

Portavadie Marina

Portavadie Marina is a fantastic hidden gem nestled on the west coast of the Cowal peninsula in Argyll. Conveniently for us, it is also a very short ferry ride away from Tarbert!

It features a wide range of accommodation: bed and lockers: bunk rooms for cyclists and walkers, lodge rooms (which are like good hotel rooms) , secluded cottage for honeymooners and couples and luxury apartments for friends and families who want a little more space and luxe while away.

The marina has excellent facilities, and there is a top notch restaurant, while the lodge has a more relaxed restaurant and family area. There’s a spa, and a shop which sells everything from milk and newspapers to high end clothing and chandlery supplies.

I love it!

We’ve visited many times, often for lunch and a few drinks; sometimes ourselves, other times with friends and family. We celebrated @TheWelshWookie’s 40th Birthday here, too.

And now we’re back; gatecrashing the honeymoon, and welcoming in the New Year at the Hogmanay Gala Dinner.

Lucky us! 🙂




WiFi and mobile signal is patchy, so I’ll check in when I can!

A Winter Wedding

A Winter Wedding

Well, we have had a FAB-U-LOUS weekend at Joe and Stacey’s wedding. The bride was stunning, the groom was dapper; the best man impressed with his organisation and speech, and the bridesmaids were gorgeous.

I didn’t run, but I danced the night away!

Would you like to see a couple of pics?

CIMG5372CIMG5335 CIMG5359CIMG5343CIMG5403CIMG5413

This morning, @TheWelshWookie and I were up early, and spent a couple of hours in the pool, which was great! 🙂

Next, we’re off to gatecrash the honeymoon at Portavadie this week. We are going for the Hogmanay dinner dance, and for a few days to celebrate the new year: trainers are packed for this trip!

Do you have any Hogmanay and New Year festivities planned?