A Dublin Photodump

A Dublin Photodump

Today, I’ll not be running. I’m going to take a day off, just to keep my legs fresh for Saturday. I’m really looking forward to the Perth Kilt Run, as I’m running with @TheWelshWookie, my bro, sis-in-law and nephew 😀

Today’s Stats

Run: no, stretching is my limit today. I’ll do NTC, probably Kara Goucher.

Surprise tune I heard at random this morning: FLC, I hadn’t heard this for aaages!

In order to free up some memory on my iPhone, I thought I’d clear out a load of stuff upload some of my pics from Dublin.

We managed to squish in quite a lot of sightseeing. On Sunday, we did loads of shopping:

photo (21)photo (5)photo (17)

We also did tour of the Aviva Stadium, aka Landsdowne Road. As a huuuuge rugby fan, @TheWelshWookie was really pleased about this!

photo (4)

After the race on Monday, we visited the Guiness Storehouse, which was great fun. Here’s the view from the Gravity Bar:

photo (13) photo (8)

And then headed to the Temple Bar area of the city:

photo (11)

On Tuesday, before we flew home, we visited Trinity College.

tphoto (1)

We had a brilliant walking tour around campus, then we saw the Book of Kells, which is beautiful. It was written by monks on the Isle of Iona, in Argyll, don’t you know? 🙂 The visit also includes entry to the old library which blew me away, it was so impressive. It looked like something from a film set!

photo (12)

And I couldn’t finish my Dublin adventure without sharing these famous watercourses:

photo (4)photo (18)

Today’s life lesson: don’t spill baked beans down a silk dress. It’s a nightmare to get out!

What random pics have you taken recently?

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