Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

For today’s post, I’m going to share a thought with you.

I’m thinking about shaking up my blog a little. It’s become routine, same-y and perhaps even a little boring. And if I’m feeling it, then I’m pretty sure you’re thinking the same thing.

Between now and the end of the year I’ll be thinking about what I want from it, and what I want to use it for.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, feel free to share them here.

On another topic, I’ve signed up for another 5×50 Challenge and today is day two. I’ll share my weekly summary pics with you next Monday so you can see what I’ve been up to 👍🏻

And in the meantime, here’s your Monday Motivation:

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Happy new week!

How was your weekend? Mine was filled with Clarsach and organising- two of my favourite things!

That rounded off a good, solid week for me that looked like this:

Monday: circuits. It was pretty near to a PT session as there were only three of us, so Jacqui mixed it up with reps rather than timed stations. I loved it!

Tuesday: Sculpt followed by TPP. Sculpt is really making a difference to my overall conditioning and I’m finding that TPP is critical to my recovery.

Wednesday: it was absolutely lashing with rain, but I got out there with the JogScotland crew and did sprints. Badass!

Thursday: PiYo, and the beginners are certainly ramping it up, and catching up quickly!

Friday: we went for a wet and windy walk

Saturday: another good walk after Clarsach

Sunday: rest

I’m really pleased with how last week shaped up. This week and next will be very different- I have a lot of travelling this week, so I’ll be squeezing in walks and resistance training as and when I can!

Here’s your Monday Motivation: Have a good week!

Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

I’ve had a busy week and an even busier weekend, so this is just a quick stop by.

Last week I did well, I definitely rediscovered my running mojo! Here’s how my exercise worked out:

Monday: 5k run

Tuesday: Sculpt and Trigger Point Pilates

Wednesday: pyramid lamppost sprints with Jog Scotland

Thursday: PiYo

Friday: 6k Run

Saturday: a spa day at Portavadie, including a walk there and back.

Not too bad! Here’s some motivation for next week: