Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts

What a stunning week we’ve enjoyed with the most glorious sunshine. It’s been far too stunning to stay inside, so I’ve tried to enjoy the evening sun, culminating in an amazing outdoor adventure on Sunday.

It’s now less than two weeks until the Kintyre Way Ultra Relay, and I’m pleased to see that the final part of my section into Skipness will now be off road, woo hoo! Can’t wait to try a new trail!

Here’s how last week turned out.


With the light nights it now means I have time to get onto the trails after work, which really makes such a difference. I decided to head onto the Kintarbert Forest route, just to enjoy being off road and to mix up the routes. I’d forgotten how hilly the first mile or so is!

Distance: 2.82m

Time: 37m 16s

Elevation: 509ft

Pace: 13.11/m


On Wednesday evening we went for a walk around the harbour. My watch decided it wasn’t going to record the whole thing 🤷🏼‍♀️ but we did around 3.5 miles or so.


It was another lovely evening, so tonight I headed out to the timber route, for a 5k run. It’s such a lovely mid week treat!

Distance: 3.15m

Time: 37m 40s

Elevation: 394ft

Pace: 11.58/m


My post-work run on Friday was a short run out to the West Loch and back. I was a little pushed for time, and my legs were feeling really heavy and tired after a long week. Glad I got it done, however. The pier was busy, and you can see the hard work underway.

Distance: 2.51m

Time: 30m 4s

Elevation: 79ft

Pace: 11.57/m


My original plan was to have another rest day but it was such a beautiful afternoon that we went for a wee walk along the harbour. Just 2.23 miles, but no pressure and no pace.


On Sunday, I was truly reminded how fortunate I am to live in an area so steeped in natural beauty, in history and in rugged, stunning landscapes. I really love living in this corner of the world!

I started the day with a 10k trail run, and I had most of the open space to myself. It’s so beautiful and quiet in the Sunday morning sunshine. I decided to scramble up to Dùn a’ Choin Duidh, which translates as the Fort of the Black Dog. It’s an Iron Age fort with stunning views over to Jura and, on a clear day, beyond.

Legend has it that the fort is named after a black wolfhound which was half wolf and defended the fort. It is also said to be the fort of Torquil Mor, a great hunter, who reportedly died fighting a wild boar.

When I was making my way back down I did think it wasn’t my best idea, and too it easy in case I took a tumble!🤣

Next on my trail was the Giant’s Grave, which is an amazing Bronze Age burial cairn. It is said to hold the remains on Diarmaid, the founder of Clan Campbell. The light in the glade itself in the late morning is just stunning.

After meeting up at home with Tony we decided to go for another cold water dip, and so we headed to Ronachan Point to see how the water was there. It was absolutely ideal. A little secluded and sheltered, we again had it all to ourselves. The water dips quite quickly meaning we didn’t have to wade out too far for a decent dook.

Ronachan Point is named after the seals that you can see on the rocky outcrops, and they were certainly enjoying the sunshine today, basking in the rocks. I don’t think they were the least impressed with our attempts in the water today, mind you!

The views over Gigha, Jura and Islay were just stunning. It’s such a beautiful spot.

Distance: 6.35m

Time: 1h 22m 46s

Elevation: 833ft

Pace: 13.02/m

It was such a lovely way to round out the weekend, and I really was reminded how fortunate we are to have all of this history and natural beauty on our doorstep. It is stunning!

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts

The past week has been incredibly busy, and I’ve really struggled to step away from the desk either at lunchtime or in the evenings, and yet again I haven’t managed to get to any of Jacqui’s classes live. But I know that the pace of life varies, so rather than being too worried about it I’ve just stayed focussed and taken the breaks when I’ve been able to, knowing that not every week is like the one just past.

Here’s how my week went.


After Sunday’s long run doing the middle section of the Kintyre Way, I needed to shake out my legs to help with recovery. I had a small gap at lunchtime so took advantage and squeezed in a short run around the harbour. It was also Medal Monday, and my March accumulator medal was delivered!

Distance: 3m

Time: 31m 59s

Elevation: 79ft

Pace: 10.38/m


I had a busy day in the office, but as Shirley was also in we did fit in a very short 15 minute walk, just enough to get away from the desk. In the evening, Tony and I walked to the West Loch and back, it was a lovely evening.

Distance: 3.4m

Time: 1h 4m 53s


I only had half an hour to spare, so I found myself heading back to the West Loch for another sunny run.

Distance: 2.68m

Time: 30m 7s

Elevation: 148ft

Pace: 11.13/m

Thursday –

I was short of time again, but managed a quick post work run. I was so rushed that I forgot to take a photo, urgh!

Distance: 3m

Time: 33m 28s

Elevation: 89ft

Pace: 11.08/m


After a busy morning, we were able to head through to Glasgow to meet up with family for an outdoor walk, I saw my parents last year, but it has been well over a year since I had seen my sisters so it was well worth the 5 hour drive.

A sunny walk around Kelvingrove Park was just what we needed.

Distance: 2.7m


Tony and I were up and out early to get in a long training walk for the Great Post Lockdown Walk on 22 May. We headed to the timber route, to the old quarry to see stunning views over to Jura. It was beautiful!

Distance: 20.16m

Time: 7h 3m 49s

Elevation: 2,113 ft

Time now to rest and recharge for the week ahead!

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts

That’s better! We’ve had a week of cold but beautiful weather, which just makes it easier to get out and enjoy the great outdoors, so that’s exactly what I’ve done this past week.


With it being a bank holiday, we wanted to make the most of the day and so we decided to walk up to Allt Dearg windfarm. We drive past it all the time, but had never walked up to the turbines before. Although we set out in glorious sunshine, the wind was absolutely wild the further up we climbed, and as we neared the top we were able to watch a hail shower come right across the Loch, over us, and past on its journey south. Cold, but amazing!

Distance: 6.7 miles

Elevation: 1,394 ft


I was back at work after my break and although I had no time to run during the work day, it was so lovely to be able to enjoy a run after work still in daylight. It really is a joy.

Distance: 3m

Time: 32m 9s

Elevation: 135ft

Pace: 10.42/m


I did have time today for a short lunchtime run, so I opted to do the west Loch and back, to keep it to 30 minutes. I needed the headspace!

Distance: 2.72m

Time: 30m 2s

Elevation: 115ft

Pace: 11.01/m


It was another beautiful day, but with a number of afternoon meetings planned I stepped away from my desk slightly earlier than usual, for a wee three miles.

Distance: 3m

Time: 32m 39s

Elevation: 69ft

Pace: 10.51/m


I had arranged to meet up with Alison and Deirdre for our first run this year, to recce the middle section of the Kintyre Way in advance of our relay in May. It was just a perfect day, with lots of talking, lots of walking and lots of fun! The scenery is just spectacular, with views one way over to Jura and the other way over to Arran. Amazing!

We didn’t manage any cold water dips this week, but hopefully we might squeeze one in next week. I’m not pressuring myself- I want to keep enjoying them! I am pleased enough with how much fresh air and vitamin D I managed this week, especially as I was back at work. Let’s see where this week takes us ☺️

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts

Actually, rather than a weekly round up this is a roundup of the last two weeks. We had time off last week and we’re decorating, so I didn’t find time to post! The decorating is done, looking good, and over for another while. Phew!


I kick started the week with a short lunchtime run around the harbour, just to shake out the legs after the previous day’s 13.66 mile walk. My legs definitely needed it! I then did Jacqui’s fitness Pilates class in the evening, which was using resistance bands this time. Loved that!

Distance: 3m

Time: 32m 17s

Elevation: 39ft

Pace: 10.45/m


It was such a lovely, sunny day and the first day of my annual leave (allegedly), and I headed out for a mid morning run to the West Loch. I did Carrick hill, and stopped a few times to chat!

Distance: 3.24m

Time: 37m 24s

Elevation: 223ft

Pace: 11.32/m


It was lovely to be able to head out for a walk at a leisurely pace, with no pressure to be back at the desk, and it was great to see the daffs and the spring flowers in full bloom.

Distance: 4.16m

Time: 1h 9m 7s

Elevation: 187ft


It was just lovely to be able to take my time and enjoy the spring sunshine during my morning run.

Distance: 4m

Time: 43m 50s

Elevation: 151ft

Pace: 10.56/m


Today’s run was a special 5k. It rounded off the March Accumulator, but more importantly we completed The Trussell Trust’s Race Against Hunger. No one should be hungry in the UK today and we need to ensure dignified access to food for all, ending reliance on food banks. I ran with Tony and at his pace, it was good to be more reflective.

Distance: 3.1m

Time: 43m 9s

Elevation: 348ft

Pace: 13.56/m


After a busy day stripping wallpaper and glassing woodwork, we headed out for a lovely evening stroll to enjoy some fresh air. There was a LOT of stopping and talking tonight!

Distance: 4.55m

Elevation: 167ft

Time: 1h 34m 36s


Before starting to paper, I pulled on my trainers to make the most of the sunshine. We’ve been so lucky with the weather this week! This was my first run of 2021 wearing a t shirt, woo hoo!

Distance: 4m

Time: 43m 23s

Elevation: 236ft

Pace: 10.50/m


What a stunning day! I had a little more time to enjoy a run so I headed out to the timber route to make the most of the gorgeous day. After the run, we did something I have been thinking about doing for a while- we took the plunge and drove to A’ Chleit beach for a dook! The sun was warm, the sand golden and the water was baltic…. but I loved it!

Distance: 6.5m

Time: 1h 17m 4s

Elevation: 728ft

Pace: 11.51/m


With another glorious day in store, we pulled on the trail shoes again and headed to Claonaig to walk a small part of the Kintyre Way. The views over to Arran were just stunning 🤩

Distance: 5m

Time: 1h 57m 8s

Elevation: 712ft


The forecast from tomorrow is for a return to bitter temperatures and perhaps even snow 😳, so we wanted to make the most of the mild weather and sunshine. We had another run around the harbour, then a quick scramble over to Shell Beach for another dook in the water, I think this is our new infatuation!🤣

Distance: 4m

Time: 42m 28s

Elevation: 46ft

Pace: 10.36/m

What a lovely way to spend an Easter Weekend. We always spend it with family so it’s quite a change for us, but the sunshine, water and vitamin D is helping 🌤🐣