Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts

I’m starting this week with a feeling of satisfaction and of achievement after Saturday’s Kintyre Way Ultra Relay in almost wintery weather: the word I heard over and over again to describe it was ‘brutal’ which is as accurate as you can get!

But before we get to that, here’s how the rest of the week shaped up.


The week started off incredibly wet and windy which was not the best for a bank holiday! I think that gave the Kintyre Way a good dose of watering which helped contribute to the underfoot conditions later in the week.

We had some running about to do, including a trip to Inveraray so I didn’t do much meaningful exercise. Just a couple of short walks.


A day in the office meant I packed my running gear in the off chance I could get out for a lunch run. I headed up the hill in lovely sunshine, though it was cold! I felt that the hill was a little easier than the last time I ran it so I was pleased about that.

Distance: 2.5m

Time: 30m 3s

Elevation: 289ft

Pace: 12.04/m


Another lunchtime run for me, I was trying to avoid the rain that was forecast for later in the day. In line with my plans, I kept the distance and time short and tried to keep my pace slow. The training is done, so the aim is to keep the legs and body moving without risking injury that comes with overtraining or last minute panicking.

Distance: 2.64m

Time: 30m 3s

Elevation: 325ft

Pace: 11.22/m


No pictures today, I did some active recovery walks across the day both at work and also after work. I managed a step tally of over 13,000 without too much trouble.


The day was bright and sunny, which no doubt fooled a lot into thinking we’d be treated to the same on race day! It was lovely to see the village busy up with visitors and there were plenty of runners around. I headed to the harbour just for a short shake out run, which was a pretty decent pace actually!

Distance: 3m

Time: 31m 56s

Elevation: 56ft

Pace: 10.27/m


The day arrived and with it the weather started off calm and dry. But we all knew what was coming! as we were running as a relay team, Alison, Deirdre and I had to meet and register together at Tayinloan from where Alison would get our relay underway. I was up next but not for a couple of hours.

As we arrived at Tayinloan the rain was just starting and the wind had most definitely made an appearance, it looked like we weren’t going to be blessed with the same weather as last year at all. After Deirdre and I saw Alison safely over the start line I headed home to get ready, with buff, gloves, waterproofs, long sleeved top and even my thermal running tights back out. Who would have thought I’d need those in May!

Tony drove me to the handover point in Clachan to meet Alison coming in. I was grateful for my dryrobe while I was waiting! When Alison arrived, describing her section as absolutely brutal, I just thought I’d better get my head down and get this done!

You might remember that we recce’d this part only a couple of weeks ago and the conditions underfoot were good, with only a few boggy spots. Well, that changed from the offset, with the wood trail section muddy right from the start. And that was the theme for the next couple of hours, with driving rain, big muddy or boggy underfoot conditions continuously and strong winds. Boy, was it cold! It made for hard going on the legs and on the mind!

As I emerged along the side of Loch Ciaran, I was struck by the water’s surface which had been glass like last time, but was very different today!

Next up was a trail section which is very well known to me, and is drier underfoot. At this point, at about 4 miles in, I just decided to enjoy every second of this. I met a lady who was dropping out but looked safe on her own as she was on her way to meet the medic.

As I made my way through the lovely heathland and around the lochs, there was no sign of the Isle of Jura behind me or of Arran before me- both were well and truly hidden by cloud cover today!

The next section I knew was going to be tough, as it was open moor across the highest part of this section. It is usually pretty windy and boggy and the day’s conditions just topped anything I’d experienced on this part before. The clouds dropped, visibility was poor and the rain turned to hailstones which were driven by the winds right into my face. The wind also meant that moving forward was pretty difficult! Looking back at my stats, though, I was moving at a pace over difficult terrain – lots of bogs and rocky outcrops with ankle twisting hillocks everywhere but I somehow managed 11 minute miles!

Finally I reached the kissing gate which I knew marked the uphill climb right before the descent to the road towards Claonaig. It was pretty energy sapping, but knowing that the downhill was coming helped boost the mood!

It was disappointing that the cloud cover was so intense that there wasn’t even a glimpse of Arran, but I just recalled the glorious views from a couple of weeks ago instead.

I was fortunate to only pass one vehicle on the road, and when I reached the turn off for Skipness it was with mixed feelings that I headed back off the road and uphill again. In previous years the route was continuous road to Skipness which I know is mentally tough and hard on the legs. So I tried to keep that in mind as I climbed once again up a steep-ish track and along an unfamiliar trail I’ve never run before. I could see a runner ahead and tried to keep her in my sights, which really helped with the motivation!

After another mile or so we were dipping back down and there we were, at the handover point where I wished Deirdre good luck and told her to just enjoy it.

The hills, mud, rain, wind, cold and hail were certainly challenging but I absolutely loved it!

I had parked my car in Skipness the night before, so walked to collect it, and after a pretty muddy shower I felt a bit more human again!

Before I knew it we were heading down to the finish line to cheer Deirdre over and to celebrate our achievement!

And, we managed to take over 12 minutes off our time from last year- woo hoo! In glorious sunshine (but wind) last year we ran it in 7h 40m 18s, this year even in that weather we achieved 7h 28m 2s🙌

Distance: 12.1m

Time: 2h 47m 52s

Elevation: 1,516ft

Pace: 13.53/m

I just loved it!

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts

Over the past week, I’ve wound down my running quite a bit. No, I haven’t exactly been tapering, not for 10 miles, but I have been trying to learn lessons from last experience, not taking small risks of injury and trying to avoid over training. I know only too well the temptation of getting in more- more distance, more speed, more hills. But at this late stage and with the KWU relay less than a week away the work is all done. And the best thing to do is to play safe, relax, trust your training and look forward to the big day!


I had already decided to run no further than 5k on any day over the next couple of weeks. So, to start the week, I took an early lunch break and made the most of that decision by doing a regular three miles around the harbour.

Distance: 3m

Time: 32m 35s

Elevation: 49ft

Pace: 10.52/m


We had time for an evening stroll, again around the harbour. I did consider heading to a trail but we opted instead to just enjoy the views (and to fit in a visit to the shop!)

Distance: 3m


Mid week brought some wet weather with it, which was a change from the sun we’ve been used to! I did manage to avoid a deluge, and it made for big skies.

Distance: 3m

Time: 32m 46s

Elevation: 46ft

Pace: 10.55/m


I spent the day in the office, and so had the opportunity at lunchtime to go for a trail walk, it was such a perfect day for it.

As I was walking and not running I started to climb up to Dun Mor, but stopped myself and turned back, realising that there was no point in taking a stupid risk with another scramble that I could easily enjoy another day!

Distance: 3.18m

Time: 58m 14s

Elevation: 364ft


On the last day of April I finished my April accumulator with run 16/16to the West Loch and back. Slow and steady, trying to keep the heart rate low.

Distance: 2.65m

Time: 30m 5s

Elevation: 95ft

Pace: 11.21/s


Today I started the last of the Great Run Solo Accumulators, and this challenge is to have 15 runs PLUS complete four weekly steps. This week’s step is ‘Back on Track’, to celebrate tracks reopening we were challenged to run a mile as fast as you can.

Now, taking into account that I have the Kintyre Way Ultra Relay this week I was obviously not going to push too hard and risk injury. Neither did I want to leave it until later in the week to complete it, so I headed to the harbour, where the walkway is fast and flat- it’s probably as close to a track as we’d get in the village!

I did a half mile warm up, a mile as fast as I could comfortably hold without being stupid and so I wasn’t pushing myself too much, followed by a half mile cool down.

Turns out that my mile pace was 9.30/m – I’m pretty happy with that!

Distance: 2m

Time: 20m 58s

Elevation: 46ft

Pace: 10.28/m

The plan for the rest of the week is to keep running, but keep the distances short and to keep making smart choices to avoid injury! I’m really looking forward to Saturday. The weather forecast isn’t too encouraging, but it’s a bit too far away to be sure of that.

This training cycle has been a lot of fun, helped along by the Great Run Solo challenges, so I’m not sure why I’m going to do and how I’ll stay on track with no future races booked and no online challenges. At least we have the Leadership Journey 26 mile walk at the end of May. More about that soon!

Have a good week, all.

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts

What a stunning week we’ve enjoyed with the most glorious sunshine. It’s been far too stunning to stay inside, so I’ve tried to enjoy the evening sun, culminating in an amazing outdoor adventure on Sunday.

It’s now less than two weeks until the Kintyre Way Ultra Relay, and I’m pleased to see that the final part of my section into Skipness will now be off road, woo hoo! Can’t wait to try a new trail!

Here’s how last week turned out.


With the light nights it now means I have time to get onto the trails after work, which really makes such a difference. I decided to head onto the Kintarbert Forest route, just to enjoy being off road and to mix up the routes. I’d forgotten how hilly the first mile or so is!

Distance: 2.82m

Time: 37m 16s

Elevation: 509ft

Pace: 13.11/m


On Wednesday evening we went for a walk around the harbour. My watch decided it wasn’t going to record the whole thing 🤷🏼‍♀️ but we did around 3.5 miles or so.


It was another lovely evening, so tonight I headed out to the timber route, for a 5k run. It’s such a lovely mid week treat!

Distance: 3.15m

Time: 37m 40s

Elevation: 394ft

Pace: 11.58/m


My post-work run on Friday was a short run out to the West Loch and back. I was a little pushed for time, and my legs were feeling really heavy and tired after a long week. Glad I got it done, however. The pier was busy, and you can see the hard work underway.

Distance: 2.51m

Time: 30m 4s

Elevation: 79ft

Pace: 11.57/m


My original plan was to have another rest day but it was such a beautiful afternoon that we went for a wee walk along the harbour. Just 2.23 miles, but no pressure and no pace.


On Sunday, I was truly reminded how fortunate I am to live in an area so steeped in natural beauty, in history and in rugged, stunning landscapes. I really love living in this corner of the world!

I started the day with a 10k trail run, and I had most of the open space to myself. It’s so beautiful and quiet in the Sunday morning sunshine. I decided to scramble up to Dùn a’ Choin Duidh, which translates as the Fort of the Black Dog. It’s an Iron Age fort with stunning views over to Jura and, on a clear day, beyond.

Legend has it that the fort is named after a black wolfhound which was half wolf and defended the fort. It is also said to be the fort of Torquil Mor, a great hunter, who reportedly died fighting a wild boar.

When I was making my way back down I did think it wasn’t my best idea, and too it easy in case I took a tumble!🤣

Next on my trail was the Giant’s Grave, which is an amazing Bronze Age burial cairn. It is said to hold the remains on Diarmaid, the founder of Clan Campbell. The light in the glade itself in the late morning is just stunning.

After meeting up at home with Tony we decided to go for another cold water dip, and so we headed to Ronachan Point to see how the water was there. It was absolutely ideal. A little secluded and sheltered, we again had it all to ourselves. The water dips quite quickly meaning we didn’t have to wade out too far for a decent dook.

Ronachan Point is named after the seals that you can see on the rocky outcrops, and they were certainly enjoying the sunshine today, basking in the rocks. I don’t think they were the least impressed with our attempts in the water today, mind you!

The views over Gigha, Jura and Islay were just stunning. It’s such a beautiful spot.

Distance: 6.35m

Time: 1h 22m 46s

Elevation: 833ft

Pace: 13.02/m

It was such a lovely way to round out the weekend, and I really was reminded how fortunate we are to have all of this history and natural beauty on our doorstep. It is stunning!

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts

The past week has been incredibly busy, and I’ve really struggled to step away from the desk either at lunchtime or in the evenings, and yet again I haven’t managed to get to any of Jacqui’s classes live. But I know that the pace of life varies, so rather than being too worried about it I’ve just stayed focussed and taken the breaks when I’ve been able to, knowing that not every week is like the one just past.

Here’s how my week went.


After Sunday’s long run doing the middle section of the Kintyre Way, I needed to shake out my legs to help with recovery. I had a small gap at lunchtime so took advantage and squeezed in a short run around the harbour. It was also Medal Monday, and my March accumulator medal was delivered!

Distance: 3m

Time: 31m 59s

Elevation: 79ft

Pace: 10.38/m


I had a busy day in the office, but as Shirley was also in we did fit in a very short 15 minute walk, just enough to get away from the desk. In the evening, Tony and I walked to the West Loch and back, it was a lovely evening.

Distance: 3.4m

Time: 1h 4m 53s


I only had half an hour to spare, so I found myself heading back to the West Loch for another sunny run.

Distance: 2.68m

Time: 30m 7s

Elevation: 148ft

Pace: 11.13/m

Thursday –

I was short of time again, but managed a quick post work run. I was so rushed that I forgot to take a photo, urgh!

Distance: 3m

Time: 33m 28s

Elevation: 89ft

Pace: 11.08/m


After a busy morning, we were able to head through to Glasgow to meet up with family for an outdoor walk, I saw my parents last year, but it has been well over a year since I had seen my sisters so it was well worth the 5 hour drive.

A sunny walk around Kelvingrove Park was just what we needed.

Distance: 2.7m


Tony and I were up and out early to get in a long training walk for the Great Post Lockdown Walk on 22 May. We headed to the timber route, to the old quarry to see stunning views over to Jura. It was beautiful!

Distance: 20.16m

Time: 7h 3m 49s

Elevation: 2,113 ft

Time now to rest and recharge for the week ahead!

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts

That’s better! We’ve had a week of cold but beautiful weather, which just makes it easier to get out and enjoy the great outdoors, so that’s exactly what I’ve done this past week.


With it being a bank holiday, we wanted to make the most of the day and so we decided to walk up to Allt Dearg windfarm. We drive past it all the time, but had never walked up to the turbines before. Although we set out in glorious sunshine, the wind was absolutely wild the further up we climbed, and as we neared the top we were able to watch a hail shower come right across the Loch, over us, and past on its journey south. Cold, but amazing!

Distance: 6.7 miles

Elevation: 1,394 ft


I was back at work after my break and although I had no time to run during the work day, it was so lovely to be able to enjoy a run after work still in daylight. It really is a joy.

Distance: 3m

Time: 32m 9s

Elevation: 135ft

Pace: 10.42/m


I did have time today for a short lunchtime run, so I opted to do the west Loch and back, to keep it to 30 minutes. I needed the headspace!

Distance: 2.72m

Time: 30m 2s

Elevation: 115ft

Pace: 11.01/m


It was another beautiful day, but with a number of afternoon meetings planned I stepped away from my desk slightly earlier than usual, for a wee three miles.

Distance: 3m

Time: 32m 39s

Elevation: 69ft

Pace: 10.51/m


I had arranged to meet up with Alison and Deirdre for our first run this year, to recce the middle section of the Kintyre Way in advance of our relay in May. It was just a perfect day, with lots of talking, lots of walking and lots of fun! The scenery is just spectacular, with views one way over to Jura and the other way over to Arran. Amazing!

We didn’t manage any cold water dips this week, but hopefully we might squeeze one in next week. I’m not pressuring myself- I want to keep enjoying them! I am pleased enough with how much fresh air and vitamin D I managed this week, especially as I was back at work. Let’s see where this week takes us ☺️

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts

After a really good few weeks, the past week has been curtailed somewhat by other priorities, which has affected the number of classes I’ve been able to do (zero) and the length and time of my runs. We all get weeks like these, and I’m certainly not going to beat myself up over it – it’s just one of those things! Here is what I did fit in:

Monday –

After my eight miles on the Sunday I was keeping my Monday run short, so I managed a wee 3 miler around the harbour. I was distracted, thinking ahead to my afternoon workload, and forgot to take a photo! Oh well, you’ll all know what the harbour looks like!

Distance: 3m

Time: 31m 0s

Elevation: 69ft

Pace: 10.19/m


After a particularly busy day taking part in two really excellent seminars, I knew a run would be a good idea to expend the adrenaline and decompress my thoughts. It was absolutely the right thing to do and I felt so much better for doing it. I even kept my lipstick on!

Distance: 4m

Time: 45m 29s

Elevation: 52ft

Pace: 11.21/m


After work, we went for a walk to the West Loch and we’re surprised to see the Gigha ferry sitting there! It was a strange site!

Distance: 3.37m


I was able to squeeze in a short lunchtime run and so I headed back to the West Loch to see if the ferry was still there, but it was already away. Ah well!

Distance: 2.67m

Time: 30m 3s

Elevation: 131ft

Pace: 11.13/m


It was a really cold and wet day, and I really didn’t feel like lacing up. Ordinarily, running in the rain doesn’t bother me, but it was windy and cold, and- well- I just wanted to stay home!

I did lace up, and decided not to put myself under pressure. I opted to just do 30 minutes, just to get it done, so that’s what happened. It was so, so wet!

Distance: 2.56m

Time: 31m 16s

Elevation: 453ft

Pace: 12.12/m

We’ll see if the coming week brings more opportunities to get a sweat on! 🤣🤷🏼‍♀️

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts

And just like that, February has drawn to a close. We are already two months into 2021 and the weather has been more kind over the past week, that is for sure! The end of the month also marks the end of my February Accumulator Challenge, which I’ve completed with 17 runs. That marks five Great Run Solo challenges in a row…. so of course I’ve signed up for the March Challenge, marking six straight months if I get through this one ok.

Here’s how last week shaped up for me:


I started off the week with a lunchtime run, and as I knew I had a busy week ahead I decided to get a 4 miler in, so I knew I had some mileage under my belt. It was such a beautiful, sunny and mild day so I decided to test out the trainers I’d bought last autumn, but had put away for the spring. They felt so light compared to my winter ASICS GTX!

Distance: 4 miles

Time: 41m 55s

Elevation: 344ft

Pace: 10.28/m


What a difference 24 hours makes, it was absolutely horrible outside with torrential rain, high winds and stormy weather. But, Jacqui had us all sorted with an alternative- a virtual power walking class! It was such a lot of fun, with 35 minutes of indoor walking: low intensity (ok, I did ramp it up at times, I can’t help myself!) and it passed so quickly. Can’t wait for the next one!


The storm had passed, leaving some overcast skies on Wednesday, with quite a bit of moisture still in the air. My legs were tired after Tuesday’s class, and I was pushed for time, but I squeezed in a half hour run to the West Loch and back.

Distance: 2.72 miles

Time: 30m 3s

Elevation: 115ft

Pace: 11.02/m


Thursday saw a return to blue skies and mild weather. Tony and I were both working from home, so at lunchtime we headed out for a walk around the harbour, making the most of the day while we had the time.

Distance: 3.48 miles


I have a long weekend off work (ok, except I did do quite a bit of work on and off during the day), so I started the weekend with a run, of course. I knew I needed to get into a trail and had no plan in mind at all. My original plan was to run at Corranbuie but when I got there it was busy, so I headed to the timber route instead. As I had no plan, I took a trail that I would usually pass by, just to see where it went! It turned out to be a lovely, if not terribly long, trail and I’m glad I did it. On my way back I diverted down another trail, and found myself in some woodland. Following my instincts, I made my way through the trees and back to one of the other trails I use quite often, feeling some sense of accomplishment at not getting lost!

Distance: 4.7 miles

Time: 58m 8s

Elevation: 827ft

Pace: 12.22/m


I wanted to shake out my legs a little after yesterday’s trail adventure, though they were tired and heavy when I set out. From trees to the sea!

Distance: 4 miles

Time: 42m 49s

Elevation: 243ft

Pace: 10.42/m


Unusually, I headed out for an extra run to round off the month. I realised that my slightly shorter longer runs this month meant that I was just a fraction off 100k for February, so I decided to get in one wee run just to add the mileage in.

Distance: 2 miles

Time: 20m 44s

Elevation: 136ft

Pace: 10.21/m

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts

This week’s theme has been consistency. Consistency in many areas, and one of those areas was with my running plans. So there was no huge uptick in progress or in plans, but consistency is the key to many things, so I’m quite happy now that I reflect back on the past seven days.


A double header! It was a lovely bright and crisp day so I ran at lunchtime to make the most of the beautiful winter light. The weather this week has by far been dry, bitterly cold and windy, that is for sure!

Distance: 4 miles

Time: 42m 45s

Elevation: 89ft

Pace: 10.41/m

I also managed to step away from my desk in time to fit in Jacqui’s Fitness Pilates class, which I’m really enjoying, so that was another hour of exercise.

Oh, and it was also ‘Medal Monday’, with my Great Run Solo January Accumulator medal arriving:


A busy day at work meant I didn’t have time to stop at lunchtime, but as it’s getting slightly lighter in the evenings we are no longer heading out for a walk or run in darkness! These photos were taken from about the same spot- one was taken on my way out around the harbour and the other on my way back.

Distance: 3.54m


I fancied a change of scenery on Wednesday but didn’t have time to drive to a trail. Instead I decided to do my lunch run along the Kilberry Road. It was nice to change it up a little, but I’d forgotten how much you have to stop and hop off the road to let traffic past!

Distance: 3.1m

Time: 34m 2s

Elevation: 102ft

Pace: 10.57/m


This run was bitterly cold, and I saw for myself how the harbour itself had iced up! It’s the first time since 2010 that has happened, I think. It looks more amazing in person than it does in the photos!

Distance: 3m

Time: 32m 14s

Elevation: 85ft

Pace: 10.44/m


I really wanted to get onto a trail for a slightly longer run, but the threat of snow in the sky meant I didn’t want to risk getting myself stuck solo on a trail. I also had some commitments today so didn’t quite have enough time for a trail either. So a run around the harbour was called for, though it was so windy I was running to stand still at times! It reminded me of mile 9 of my first Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Edinburgh when I didn’t the I’d finish because of the wind as I ran up part of Arthur’s Seat. But knowing I’d managed that, I could keep going.

Distance: 4m

Time: 44m 6s

Elevation: 249ft

Pace: 11.00/m

That makes eight runs so far for my February Accumulator, so I’m getting there!

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Last week was a good ‘un. I had a solid week both in terms of fitness and eating well, and I had some fun along the way!

Here’s how it all worked out:

Monday: run. Hill repeats with some of the Jog Scotland crew- something is never do by myself. A great start to the week

Tuesday: walk. I was too late for classes😏

Wednesday: Jog Scotland Easy Run

Thursday: lunchtime hill run, followed by a fantastic PiYo Class in the evening

Friday: at home PiYo and a walk

Saturday: a walk around Glasgow’s West End

Sunday: a walk around the village

I didn’t manage to fit in a long run, and although I felt like I’d missed out at the time my legs today have definitely felt the benefit of three days without running. I went for a 10k morning run and I felt strong. I also managed my fastest 5k and 10k time in well over a year, including a sub 30 minute 5k. Yay!

We’re just over three weeks away from the Glen Scotia Marathon relay and we’ve just agreed who is running which section. It’s getting exciting!

My running mojo has been great recently, and I think today has helped to reinforce that too 👍🏻 But I know that can be a fragile thing, so here’s some motivation whether you are on a running high- or low:

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Good morning! And what a glorious morning it is. The sun is shining and I’ve been for a run already- 4 gloriously sunny miles☀️

I’ve had a good week- my fitness plans have been on track and I’ve eaten well. Here’s a quick recap:

Monday: we went for a lovely walk around the harbour. After a busy weekend it was a good start to the week.

Tuesday: only one class, but we used the Pilates hoops again at Sculpt which really challenged my muscles in new ways. The DOMS were real!

Wednesday: an informal run with the Jog Scotland crew. We’re now on a summer break but still meeting informally until the next session in the autumn.

Thursday: two lots of activity for me- I had a trail run at lunchtime followed by PiYo in the evening. It was the last session of round 61 and it was tough!

Friday: I spent the day doing housework and managed to rack up around 10k steps so I did well for a rest day!

Saturday: we had the end-of-block run with Jog Scotland, a Viking 5k, since it was the Viking Festival Weekend. I started slowly and picked up pace as I went , running mile 3 at 9’40 pace- quick for me! We all were given fab mugs with Tarbert Jog Scotland on one side and a pic of Tarbert on the other. Love them!

In the afternoon we spent it in the sunshine, tidying the garden: grass cutting, strimming, jet washing and weeding. We were out there for over 5 hours, and I racked up over 20,000 steps 😊

Sunday: the weather was lovely, so we went for a walk to recover from the day before, before watching the Viking boat carry later in the day.

Loved it! I’m off to a good start this week, but we have no classes so I’ll have to rely on my own momentum to keep myself focussed this week.

Here’s something that resonates with me today:

Make the most of it- and have a great week!