Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts

After a really good few weeks, the past week has been curtailed somewhat by other priorities, which has affected the number of classes I’ve been able to do (zero) and the length and time of my runs. We all get weeks like these, and I’m certainly not going to beat myself up over it – it’s just one of those things! Here is what I did fit in:

Monday –

After my eight miles on the Sunday I was keeping my Monday run short, so I managed a wee 3 miler around the harbour. I was distracted, thinking ahead to my afternoon workload, and forgot to take a photo! Oh well, you’ll all know what the harbour looks like!

Distance: 3m

Time: 31m 0s

Elevation: 69ft

Pace: 10.19/m


After a particularly busy day taking part in two really excellent seminars, I knew a run would be a good idea to expend the adrenaline and decompress my thoughts. It was absolutely the right thing to do and I felt so much better for doing it. I even kept my lipstick on!

Distance: 4m

Time: 45m 29s

Elevation: 52ft

Pace: 11.21/m


After work, we went for a walk to the West Loch and we’re surprised to see the Gigha ferry sitting there! It was a strange site!

Distance: 3.37m


I was able to squeeze in a short lunchtime run and so I headed back to the West Loch to see if the ferry was still there, but it was already away. Ah well!

Distance: 2.67m

Time: 30m 3s

Elevation: 131ft

Pace: 11.13/m


It was a really cold and wet day, and I really didn’t feel like lacing up. Ordinarily, running in the rain doesn’t bother me, but it was windy and cold, and- well- I just wanted to stay home!

I did lace up, and decided not to put myself under pressure. I opted to just do 30 minutes, just to get it done, so that’s what happened. It was so, so wet!

Distance: 2.56m

Time: 31m 16s

Elevation: 453ft

Pace: 12.12/m

We’ll see if the coming week brings more opportunities to get a sweat on! 🤣🤷🏼‍♀️

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