Tasty Tuesday

Tasty Tuesday

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last foodie post, so I thought I’d share some of my tasty treats from the last week. My excuse for eating such big portions is:

1. I LOOOVE food

2. I’m back in training, so I need fuel 😉

3. Did I say that I just loveeee food?

I’ve had some lovely, homely and filling mid week dinners, courtesy of @TheWelshWookie. There included his delish turkey chilli with brown rice:


Malay chicken salad:


And turkey pesto wholegrain pasta. Yes, I love turkey 😉


On Saturday, we had soup for lunch. Usually, TheWookie would make his own soup, but we tried out Glorious fresh soup. It was good, I’d definitely recommend it:


But we did have some home made roasted onion bread with it:


And here’s my post-long run snack from Saturday:


I’m hungry just posting the pics! And now I’m off to find out what’s on the menu tonight…

What’s on the menu with you tonight?

23 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday

  1. I haven’t gotten as far as the kitchen yet, but I am thinking of using the left over beef mince. It’s a bit cold tonight so something warming.

  2. I had the Glorious soup today for lunch – they are very yummy! It all looks delicious. There’s nothing better than a good and well-earned post-run snack. Incidentally, in situations where I know I won’t be able to eat shortly after a long run to refuel (such as when I’m travelling), I make sure to bring some chocolate soy milk with me – it’s great for refuelling as well.

      1. Yes, I use the Alpro Soy Chocolate milk to refuel. 😉 It comes in handy little cartons (for kids, I presume!), usually found in the “free from” section in the supermarket. It’s handly because these don’t need to be kept in the fridge, so they are perfect to keep in the car until you finish your run. And, they are yummy too! On another note, I have bought an mp3 player for you – just need your address to post it now, so you can marvel/cringe at my running soundtrack!

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