Boxing Day

Boxing Day

Have you had a relaxing Boxing Day, or was yours filled with sales shopping?

Mine was lovely and quiet: we went for a lovely walk this morning, and have spent the day pottering and packing for my brother and soon-to-be-sister-in-law’s wedding on Saturday. I can’t wait!

We’ve had another day of eating well: @TheWelshWookie made soup and chilli bread, which was just what we needed after our walk!


Tonight, we may have another lil’ refreshment, maybe these beauties:


Do you have plans today? Anyone having to work tomorrow?

11 thoughts on “Boxing Day

    1. Really? That I did not know! I always win. If by win you mean take part, that is, like they tend to do in schools nowadays….

  1. No Boxing Day for me in the U.S.! I had to work today and again tomorrow. At least it wasn’t super busy. When I was in between calls or entering orders, I managed to get in some race planning time and updated my schedule a bit more for 2014. LOL

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