The Playlist Swap Continues

The Playlist Swap Continues

Frequent visitors will remember that Girl Runs Wild and I recently swapped MP3 players, and it was a fantastic experience! It was so different, discovering music I didn’t know, rediscovering some tunes I had forgotten about, and being surprised by tracks that we share on our running playlists.

We’ve extended the swap further, and it now includes The Running Princess (who is just back from running the Paris Marathon) and Early Bird Fitness.

So, I was delighted to receive this in the post:


This MP3 player came all the way from Kyla at Early Bird Fitness, and I can’t wait to try it out on my next long run! 🙂

It’ll probably be a post-wedding run, but will definitely be something I look forward to!

Do you have a favourite running track? What is it?




17 thoughts on “The Playlist Swap Continues

  1. Mine right now is Enrique Iglesias “I’m a Freak”. I like the beat and it moves me when running. It also moves my hands and I run dance to it.

    I just watched the video though for this first time and that was not PG to paste here. haha

    Happy you got the player. 🙂

    1. Ha ha!

      I don’t have that on my playlist 😉

      Can’t wait to try it out, but I’m definitely saving it for a long run.

  2. My playlist has a split personality. I will go from contemporary Christian to Jimmy Buffet and Bob Marley. God….drinking in beach bars….that’s how I roll 😉

  3. I have a mix including Stronger (Kelly Clarkson), In the Ayer (Flo-Rida), Workin Day and Night (Michael Jackson), Too Legit to Quit (MC Hammer), My Songs Know…(Fall Out Boy),

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