Warning: Jogger/Plodder = Not Real Runner

Warning: Jogger/Plodder = Not Real Runner

I has to share this!

The Fat Girls Guide To Running

It’s not often that I blog twice in one day, especially not on a Saturday when most blogs go unread anyway, in fact it may well be because it is a Saturday that the indiscretion I want to discuss has gone largely unnoticed. But I have to vent and bring it to your attention.

So I have been a runner for 10 years. I am not fast. I am not athletically built. But I do run. I run at parkrun, I run with a running club, I run by myself sometimes, oh and did I mention I run marathons too? I also write this blog to try to motivate overweight and inactive women to take up and improve in the sport of running. But believe me trying to encourage new runners into the sport is a difficult job, one which requires a collective effort…I can not do it alone. And…

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3 thoughts on “Warning: Jogger/Plodder = Not Real Runner

  1. It is unfortunate that some runners take the attitude that they are runners and anyone who runs a race without the goal to brake the tape is somehow not a runner.
    If you run you are a runner. Anyone who looks down their nose at heavy or overweight runners is missing the point.
    While some runners run to win, most run in hopes of seeing their six-pack, their belt or even their shoes. It’s about health and fitness for 95% of us.
    Sneering at joggers or slower runners is just poor taste. The sport is growing, but do we really need people discouraging anyone from lacing up and going out for a jog?

  2. Funny that I just wrote a blog on plodding. Sure some runners are plodding joggers. I was an NCAA track athlete in college and I don’t have the attitude this makes them any less runners. Speed is irrelevant. I’ve had my ups and downs, but I enjoy running even when I’m fat and slow. It’s a lifestyle for some people, regardless of elitism. If you feel like a runner, then you’re a runner.

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