Tag Teaming the ‘Mill

Tag Teaming the ‘Mill

This morning, @TheWelshWookie and I planned a 9 mile route. So, we had a breakfast smoothie, and got changed to head out for a run. Then, I made the mistake of looking out of the window, and seeing the icy, driving rain outside.


So, I made an alternative suggestion: why not check our running ‘outfits’ for Madrid by running our nine miler on the treadmill?

That’s what we did!


As I mentioned yesterday, @TheWookie has had a dodgy knee, so rather than running nine miles straight, we tag-teamed it by running three miles and swapping over. I’m pleased to say that the running gear performed well, as did @TheWookie’s knee 🙂 We were also able to watch a couple of films as we ran, so we’ve now caught up with the excellent American Hustle and  the not-quite-so-good The Delivery Man. It certainly passed the time!

The plan for this evening is to chill out with a glass of vino and The Voice. What are your plans?

23 thoughts on “Tag Teaming the ‘Mill

  1. Glad that knee is holding up.
    We’ll be having a relaxing night with some food and maybe a glass of “go faster” red wine before running tomorrow morning. Think I might have to get the winter gear back out again so I’m glad my longest run last week was in such lovely weather!

    1. I think tomorrow’s forecast is better than today’s, but still supposed to be cold. Enjoy your ‘go faster’ juice! 😉

    1. Only @piratebobcat would take it there. haha
      There are probably many works that we say @tartanjogger that you could get us for. 🙂

      Happy you guys were able to run. What are the knee issues? Guess I missed a blog and will have to go check it out.

      1. @theWookie has had knee issues for years, from playing loads of rugby and karate in his youth 😉 Fortunately, they’re much better this week! Phew!

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