Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Welcome to another week. Have you gotten your sweat on yet today? Are you tempted to skip it? Then read this:


I hope that helped. Now, get to it! 🙂

26 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  1. I just can’t do #3. Mondays are just too horrible. I cut myself some slack/am realistic in my planning – Mondays and pre-breakfast workouts are out. Tue & Thurs nights + weekend afternoons work for me.

  2. Sorry skipped running club tonight it was cold driving wind and rain and I don’t regret it at all, the trouble with running at night is that when I get home I just cant get warm I c ould not face another night in my flannelette pj’s and neither could hubby! Will try harder tomorrow-honest

  3. Never miss a Monday is a really important one for me!!! I find if I get in a good workout Monday, it starts my week off with good energy!!!

  4. Awesome motivation! I follow all the rules except for #3! I do my long runs on Sundays and like to give my legs the day to recover. Plus my lack of organizational skills makes Mondays/getting back into the weekly grind hard enough for me! But I NEVER miss a Tuesday! 😉

  5. Yesterday it was freezing out, but I vowed to do a video. I opted against my usual one, because I usually can’t walk three days after, and I had to work! I did a different one instead, and today I walked with ease, but I can’t lift a thing? I’m not sure it was a good trade off…. But sweat I did!;)

      1. Have you tried the bob Harper videos? They are fairly cheap, but that’s the one that beats my ass every time!! Tony Horton did it this time…. Hey, that’s the most attention I’ve given two men in awhile!:)

      2. Ha ha! That really made me laugh! I love Bob but haven’t tried his DVDs… Yet!

  6. Love them! I really need to pay attention to #3, lately I’ve been missing them and running on Tuesdays. The week just doesn’t feel the same!

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