Home from the Hen

Home from the Hen

I’m home!

We’ve had a brilliant weekend: as predicted, we had lots of fun, food, drinks and laughs. We had a blast!

Saturday night was party night, and it was fantastic! I’m only sharing one pic, though…


What happens on the hen, says on the hen 😉

Yesterday was a day for recovering relaxing, including a visit to the spa, with its range of various saunas, steam rooms, jacuzzi, outdoor pool and other pampering areas. Bliss.

Of course, that was quickly followed by more food, drink, music and laughs!

Today, we’ve traveled home, and I think I could sleep for a week; running will have to keep for tomorrow.

Six days until the Great Scottish Run, now, roll on another busy weekend!

Whinfell Forest Run

Whinfell Forest Run

Morning! I’ve just been exploring around Center Parks, during my 5K run:



It’s lovely!
Back home, @TheWelshWookie has run 3 miles- go, Wookie!
We’re heading for lunch soon, but for now, we’re having a breakfast beer 🙂


Let the Hen Commence!

Let the Hen Commence!

Happy Friday, good friends!


By the time you read this, I’ll be on my way to Center Parcs in the Lake District with my sis, soon-to-be-sis-in-law, her two fab sis’s and her wonderful friends for a weekend of fun, food, dancing and laughing. Here’s where we’re off to:


I’m sure we’ll have the occasional beverage or three. Three thousand. Maybe.


A pineapple & a raspberry mojito
A pineapple & a raspberry mojito

My running gear and trainers are packed. Not sure if I’ll have much opportunity for blogging, I don’t know if I’l have wifi,  or mobile signal, so we’ll see.

If not, I’ll see you on the other side of the weekend: have a lovey weekend, all! 😀

The Cheerleader

The Cheerleader

You know what it’s like. You have a tough day at work. You trail around the supermarket. You head home, and the last thing you feel like doing is going out for a run. But you don’t sit down: you pull on your kit, lace up your trainers and head out of the door. And you have a great run. You know?

Well, that didn’t happen today. My run today sucked.


I moaned for the whole four miles. @TheWelshWookie was a proper cheerleader, keeping me going and making helping me get it done. He even had me laughing at one point. Thanks, Wookie, I owe you a tough run! 😉

We finished just after 6pm, and the lights along the harbour were on, for the first time this autumn:


Here’s hoping that’s my last tough run for a while!

Run: 4 miles

Time: 42:20

Trainers: LunarGlides

Weather: cloudy, and definitely much cooler today

I listened to a Jillian Michael’s podcast again today, instead of music 🙂

Today’s Life Lesson: Sometimes, running sucks. Fortunately, not always 😉

When did you last have a rubbish run that someone helped you out on?

Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom

Today is a rest day for me. So, I’m packing. I’m off to a Hen Weekend on Friday, and I can’t wait!

I’m packing my running gear, but I suspect that having fun, food and prosecco may take precedence….

I saw this on line, and thought I’d share.


Have a great hump-day…. the weekend is on its way! 😀

Reading and Running

Reading and Running

Today’s run was a bit of a disaster. We set out to do a half mile warm up, a fast mile, and a half mile cool down. When we reached the half mile mark, I set off like a hare out of a trap (well, for me. Normal speed for most), thinking I was doing some sprints. After 30 seconds, I remembered that I was supposed to sustain my pace for a mile- not. a. chance.

I’d set off so fast that my heart rate was crazy, so I had to do a short walk to bring it down. And to shout at myself for being so daft! I set off again for the last 3/4 mile, at a more sensible speed!

@TheWelshWookie had a great run- he ran a great mile!

This arrived in the post today:


I’m so excited! This year’s Great Scottish Run has only two start waves: green and pink. We’re in the green wave, which goes first. I wonder if that’s because us slowbies need a head start? Surely I’m not in the faster wave?

Tonight, I’ll be delving into this:


It’s the long awaited sequel to The Shining! I re-read The Shining on Saturday, so I’m ready to get stuck right in 😀

Today’s Stats:

Run: 2 miles, 1 mile run in the middle

Time: 19:45

Trainers: Lunar Racers

Weather: cloudy, and still warm. Might be my last vest run of the year!

I listened to a Jillian Michael’s pod cast again today, instead of music 🙂

Today’s Life Lesson: Spread sheets are sources of pain and torture.

What are you reading?

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

I don’t know where it has come from, but I had one of those runs today: a great run! 😀


@TheWelshWookie and I headed out tonight, and I’ll admit that my head wasn’t really in it. But I got my trainers on, and headed out the door. Despite still having a cold, I managed to run with only two stops. Once at mile two to use a tissue (I can’t run and blow my nose at the same time- too much co-ordination required!) and once to take a picture of this wee guy:


@TheWelshWookie told me it’s a slow worm. It isn’t slow, and it isn’t a worm. Every day’s a school day! 😉

Tonight, I’ve been thinking about potential runs for next year, as we only have one half marathon booked so far for 2014: the RnR Madrid. So far, I think I might sign up for a Spartan Sprint, and maybe a Tough Mudder. We’ll see how my trail run and zombie night run go first, though!

Meanwhile, I’ll content myself with reading my mag, that arrived today:


Today’s Stats:

Run: 5 miles, slow but with negative splits 🙂

Time: 53:25

Trainers: Lunar Racers. These felt great!

Weather: cloudy, but surprisingly warm

I listened to a pod cast again, instead of music today!

Today’s Life Lesson: never argue with an idiot. People watching can’t tell the difference.

Have you booked any runs for 2014 yet?

Sunday Sessions

Sunday Sessions

It’s been a much more active day here than it was yesterday.

Today, we’ve been to church, done the grocery shopping, been for a run and spent time at the Harbour for the Music Festival. So, we’ve enjoyed both a Sunday running session and a Sunday music session 😉

After our lazy day yesterday, I thought I’d better pull up my big girls (running) pants and head out the door. The run was not pretty: I kept stopping to blow my nose, my pockets ended up stuffed with used tissue (yuk) but, I did it. I ground those four miles out!

After a spot of lunch and a shower, @TheWelshWookie and I walked back down to the harbour, to enjoy a couple of beers, and listen to the bands playing at the quay today. It was a great afternoon: it stayed dry, and the music was brilliant. Are there many villages with free music, cheap beer and street parties this weekend?

IMG_2546 IMG_2547 IMG_2548

Tonight, we have a dilemma: watch football or the new Series of Downton Abbey: which should we tape?

Today’s Stats:

Run: 4 miles, easy run

Time: 42:25

Trainers: Lunar Fly GTX

Weather: cloudy, but surprisingly warm

I listened to a pod cast for the first time in months, instead of music today!

Today’s Life Lesson: just do it, as they say…!

Football or Downton Abbey?

Movie Marathon Part Deux

Movie Marathon Part Deux

Are you all having a fun weekend?

I’ve got a cold, and I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself, so we’re repeating the movie marathon from a fortnight ago. OK, when I say repeating, I don’t mean the same movies…. I’m sure you know what I mean!

Since we have the Great Scottish Run in two week’s time;  Cowalfest 5K trail run in three weeks, and the Zombie Night Run in four weeks, so this is really our last chance to chill out for some time.

Today, it’s been about:

Grown Ups 2




A Good Day to Die Hard


Pacific Rim

download (6)

Cider and Jaffa Cakes. That’s not a movie; that’s the accompaniments… 😉


So, no running today. We’ll definitely be out there tomorrow, though… even with a cold. Have a lovely Saturday night, folks!

Welcome to the Weekend!

Welcome to the Weekend!

Now, before reality bites, and I realise that I’ll have to spend some time doing laundry, housework and other domesticated stuff this weekend, let us revel in the joy that is Friday evening:


Amen. Thanks, I’m sure you know who you are…. Meanwhile, here’s this weekend’s format:


And heres’ my brain’s repeat track right now:


This is what I’m looking forward to, on Saturday Sunday morning:


Have a great weekend, all. For those of you who have races, I’m looking forward to reading your reviews! 😀