Sunday Sessions

Sunday Sessions

It’s been a much more active day here than it was yesterday.

Today, we’ve been to church, done the grocery shopping, been for a run and spent time at the Harbour for the Music Festival. So, we’ve enjoyed both a Sunday running session and a Sunday music session 😉

After our lazy day yesterday, I thought I’d better pull up my big girls (running) pants and head out the door. The run was not pretty: I kept stopping to blow my nose, my pockets ended up stuffed with used tissue (yuk) but, I did it. I ground those four miles out!

After a spot of lunch and a shower, @TheWelshWookie and I walked back down to the harbour, to enjoy a couple of beers, and listen to the bands playing at the quay today. It was a great afternoon: it stayed dry, and the music was brilliant. Are there many villages with free music, cheap beer and street parties this weekend?

IMG_2546 IMG_2547 IMG_2548

Tonight, we have a dilemma: watch football or the new Series of Downton Abbey: which should we tape?

Today’s Stats:

Run: 4 miles, easy run

Time: 42:25

Trainers: Lunar Fly GTX

Weather: cloudy, but surprisingly warm

I listened to a pod cast for the first time in months, instead of music today!

Today’s Life Lesson: just do it, as they say…!

Football or Downton Abbey?

Welcome to the Weekend!

Welcome to the Weekend!

Now, before reality bites, and I realise that I’ll have to spend some time doing laundry, housework and other domesticated stuff this weekend, let us revel in the joy that is Friday evening:


Amen. Thanks, I’m sure you know who you are…. Meanwhile, here’s this weekend’s format:


And heres’ my brain’s repeat track right now:


This is what I’m looking forward to, on Saturday Sunday morning:


Have a great weekend, all. For those of you who have races, I’m looking forward to reading your reviews! 😀

Tarbert Music Festival

Tarbert Music Festival

I know I’ve said before that I’m lucky to live in a small village that has lots of events, which benefit locals and tourists, too. Well, this weekend is no different, as it is the Tarbert Music Festival!

Although we have lived in the village for almost six years, we have always been away for this weekend, except for the 2011 event, when we were able to stay home, and go to the music festival. We had a great time! Each of the pubs and hotels had different bands on during the day and evening, and there was a large marquee at the pier, with live music and a bar. It was fantastic!

This weekend, we’re also home and so we’re hoping to see some of the bands this year.

Here’s the schedule, as  it stands at the moment:


And you can find the festival website here

I’m not sure how much running I’ll be doing- but there will be plenty of toe tapping and, dare I say it? Dancing?

Today’s Stats:

Run: 5K, easy run

Time: 31:33

Trainers: Lunar Fly GTX

Weather: drizzly. Cool, but not cold

First Running Track of the Day:

Today’s Life Lesson: not everyone appreciates Christmas scented plug-ins in September…

Do you have any weekend plans?