Welcome to my 300th blog post! And, I had to find any excuse to celebrate by posting a picture of fellow Scot Gerard Butler as a Spartan ❤

This probably reminded him of the weather at home:


Anyone out there doing a Spartan race this year?

If so, this might be the workout for you, courtesy of Men’s Health 🙂

GB Relay Update

Tonight, I saw this post on Facebook:

Screenshot (21)

So, with FREE STAGES up for grabs, now might well be the time for you and your team to bag a few stages!

Happy Friday, all!

11 thoughts on “300

  1. I checked into the free stages but I guess you have to live in GB. I was thinking of signing up. You and @TheWelshWookie run a stage for me?!

    Congrats on 300. That is awesome! Have a great weekend.

    1. We’ll definitely be thinking of you and #ATWRBR2014 while we’re running! 🙂 hope you have a great weekend too.

  2. I loved the movie, just a great action movie. A friend of mine insists that those guys did not have CGI abs.
    If someone has room on a couch for me to crash I’ll grab one of those spots.

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