Fast verse Fun…the “Proper Runner” saga continues.

Fast verse Fun…the “Proper Runner” saga continues.

The Fat Girls Guide To Running

Ok so firstly let’s get one thing straight, the twitter debate last weekend between myself and Jason Henderson (editor or Athletics Weekly) was nothing at all to do with the concept of “Fun” runners, that is not a term you will ever hear me use, neither do I describe myself as “a Fat Jogger” else the website would be called something else wouldn’t it? No the debate last week was purely down to the suggestion that plodders and joggers were not “Real” runners.

You can check it our here if you haven’t seen it yet

20140517-143509.jpgDespite this minor discrepancy over terminology, Jason hits back this week in a two page spread on page 28-29 of his magazine summing up his thoughts. He makes some interesting points about what running actually means using the stats he has to hand about world record speeds for walking, and in competitive running through the…

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