Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Happy Monday! Did you have fun this weekend?

I’m happy to report that we’re really pleased with our route for the GB Relay. Most of it is along a cycle path, and is reasonably flat/undulating with no stonking great big hills!

But here we are, back to the working week. Do you sit at a desk while working? I used to. For the past year or so I’ve been standing most of the time. I moved my laptop stand from my desk, and rearranged my office so that I could stand when using my laptop. My phone is right beside it, and all of my important files are in the drawers below, as I’m using a three drawer filing cabinet as a ‘standing desk’. It’s the perfect height for me to work at comfortably.

When I need to focus on a piece of work, I can sit at my desk and concentrate, without being distracted by incoming emails.  I have plenty of room for laying out work, so it’s much harder for papers to go AWOL, or be abandoned due to other distractions. For me, it’s a win-win 🙂

At first, I thought I’d perhaps do it for a few weeks. I’ve now been doing it for so long it’s second nature. Also, as my ‘standing desk’ area is looking out of the window, I get to enjoy the views too!

Here’s an interesting infographic I found on Pinterest, which I thought I’d share:



Do you sit, stand or walk all day?

24 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  1. I’m on my feet all day. I’m a nurse so am walking around for my 12 hour shift. I’m sure its good for me, but my feet and legs get really sore. I did a 5k straight after a night shift a couple of weeks ago, I thought my legs were going to fall off!

    Anna x

    1. Oh, my! I really admire you: what a tough but valuable job. And tiring, too no doubt!

  2. That is so great you choose to stand! Working on your feet can be tiring, but it’s so much better than sitting all day. Right now I bartend so I’m on my feet all night long!

    1. Absolutely! I used to work in retail and was on my feet all day- I really miss part of that!

  3. A standing desk is such a good idea. The Australian Heart Foundations has some great tips for those of us who sit and one is to always stand up when on the phone. Loved your post, it’s a really good reminder to take standing and walking breaks at work.

  4. I hear ya. But honestly, sometimes I’m so exhausted from all my working out, that sitting at work can feel like a break! I do take several walk breaks during the day though.

  5. We have the option to sit down at a desk to chart, but I almost always stand like yourself. Otherwise, I get distracted and it takes me 2-3 times longer to get my work done!!:)

  6. Here’s a shot at it: Maybe it’s about the kind of sitting that allows movement, and the duration. Sitting in a chair with arms elevated to a keyboard, or on arms of a chair for prolonged working hours is different from sitting cross-legged or putting most weight on the feet and leaning forward on the knees like guys on a baseball bench in the dugout. The lack of functional contact of feet to ground and lack of mobility in the sitting position make a difference. Sleep is sedentary but doesn’t have the same effect, because pressure’s off the spine, and the body moves a lot all night.

    1. Thanks Mike, that’s a really good point! I guess how you sit is a really important factor.

      1. Yep. I’ve got to change chairs. Mine makes me sit in the worst way when working the brain.

      2. I was playing about with my office chair today for when I do sit, hopefully I’ll get it set up better over the next few days: trial and error!

      3. Aye. And if it still sucks, like mine, I use the rule that whenever I feel like I want to get up, even the slightest discomfort from compression or whatever, I just get up in a half-squat, shake it out, then sit down again. So far, it has improved on the usual effects of sitting.

  7. I sit practically all day, I try to get up regularly but it doesn’t always work. As I have started getting older, I have noticed that I get a lot stiffer. I do wonder if my amazing ability to fidget helps though!

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