Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Hello! How was your week? Mine was busy, but great fun. We were on holiday, spending three days in Somerset and three days in Edinburgh, so we pretty much covered the country from one end to another! 

We did plenty of walking and we enjoyed lots of great food – as well as a few gins 😁

But I’m back to my routine today, so I did my Sunday night food prep so that I could start on track first thing. 

Here’s to a new week, and here’s your motivation right here:

Wednesday Wisdom 

Wednesday Wisdom 

Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Hello! How has your week and weekend been? 

I’ve been really focussed, on my health, my food and my fitness 👍🏻 Jacqui has been running a 10 day accountability/clean eating challenge which was just what I needed. Thanks Jacqui! It started last Monday, so we are already in day eight and I have loved it. 

I’ve focussed on eating well- and cleanly- with no junk, no alcohol, no empty calories, and on staying active. To that end, I went to every class last week, which was great. Here was how my week looked:

Monday- no WAR, but as I reported last week, we did a lovely hill walk during the day instead

Tuesday- Stability ball class and PiYo Stretch and Flow. Doing the Doubler is great!

Wednesday- a wet Jog Scotland run, which I thoroughly enjoyed 

Thursday- PiYo signature round, for the first time in ages

Friday- Wii Fit

I didn’t do anything in particular over weekend as we had a quiet weekend planned, and it felt great! On Sunday evening a cold started to appear, but I’m pushing through as best as I can, it explains why I needed some extra R and R this weekend!

When the challenge comes to an end on Wednesday night I’m planning on keeping it on track, but loosening the rules only ever so slightly. I’m excited to check out my measurements on Wednesday night!

Here’s some positivity to help kickstart your week if you need it:  Have a great week!

Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Happy Bank Holiday Monday! 

We’ve had a lovely weekend, with lots of RnR. Last week was great, though a busy week at work meant that my training wasn’t quite a planned I’m afraid. We had no WAR on Monday, but I did a double class on Tuesday: stability class is getting tougher using weights, medicine ball and increased reps with every week. This was followed by PiYo stretch and flow, which I really love. I missed Jog Scotland on Wednesday and I also missed Thursday night PiYo. Here’s hoping for a calmer week this week, with more of my regular routine.

We had no WAR tonight as its a holiday, insteaywe had a lovely long walk past Tarbert Castle, and it was as beautiful – if foggy- easy for it.

Here’s your motivation for the coming week: 

Have a good week, all!

Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Sorry, another Monday has hurtled by and is drawing to a close. I’ve only just sat down, and realised very quickly that I hadn’t blogged yet. Oops! 

Quick summary of last week:

Monday- 12,500 steps, no class as WAR was cancelled (Jacqui was celebrating her anniversary!)

Tuesday- stability ball class followed by PiYo Stretch and Flow. The stability class is building, and we are now adding weights and medicine balls to help with core strength and balance. I’m really enjoying it!

Wednesday- Jog Scotland, 4 miles in total. Ace!

And that’s it, I’m afraid: work and a very busy weekend meant I didn’t do much else. But I did what I could, and I’m happy with that. I’m running the Great Scottish Run half marathon in two weeks, and I’m very light on training, but I’ll walk if I have to- I’m not going to be too precious.

I have lots of news to share with you about our national campaign that is underway- more of that later on though. For now, here’s your motivation to kick start this week: Have a good one!

Wednesday Wisdom 

Wednesday Wisdom 

Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Sorry for my short post last week, but I just HAD to see the finale of Game of Thrones Season 7 😉, and boy- was it worth it!

But I didn’t settle down to watch until after WAR. I had a good week, fitness-wise: I started last Sunday with an 8.25 mile run which I found harder than I thought I would…. so I didn’t exactly start the week in a high note. But things took a turn on Monday with a solid WAR class, burning 460 calories. I worked hard!

On Tuesday I did two classes: first up was a new class, using a stability ball. I had one at home, which I dug out and blew up, not having used it for a very long time! It was lots of fun, and very different; I think Jacqui went easy on us to help build confidence, so I’m looking forward to developing more as my confidence- and my abs- grows! We followed that up with PiYo Stretch and Flow which was very welcome after the hard work on Sunday and Monday. 

Wednesday was an informal Jog Scotland session, out to the West Loch and back, while Thursday was back to PiYo for the signature round, this time including the higher intensity tracks which we don’t do on a Tuesday. 

I didn’t do much from Friday through to Sunday, as we were at a Clarsach residential weekend. It was lots of fun, with some brilliant people- I had planned to do some walking, but the weekend was so packed that it just didn’t happen! 

I was then back at WAR again tonight, and I found it very tough, probably after the full weekend we had. I’ve been trying to pay closer attention to my body, and a full week of classes has helped me to do that: I’m feeling some stiffness in my shoulder and lower back, so I’m going to keep paying close attention to those areas, dialling back the running intensity to help with recovery. 

Now that I’m back in a routine and have been for a couple of weeks, this quote here certainly resonated with me:  Have a good week! 

Monday Motivation: 6 days until Spartan Day

Monday Motivation: 6 days until Spartan Day

I cannot believe it, less than a week to go. Oh my! This training period had flown by in a flash, and I’m only now feeling fully recovered from my injury. 

 I feel like I did last week: part excited, part filled with trepidation, but what will be will be. Last week’s training went a little awry: lack of numbers meant that Jacqui had to cancel Monday and Tuesday night’s classes, which was a really difficult call for her- but I agree that she can’t run them for very small numbers of attendees. It’s just a shame when it happens to her (and is) at short notice. It put a little more focus on what I had to do for myself, so on both nights I did some strength training and ran, managing 5k on Monday and 4 miles on Tuesday. I know it’s always more difficult to train by myself than to put in the effort at class, but I pushed myself with some challenging moves including box jumps (eek) and sandbag lifts. I then ran 5k again on Wednesday to test my tired legs and I struggled, but I’m very glad I pushed through as I’ll have to keep going with tired legs on Sunday. 

I was then in London from Thursday through to Sunday night, so I didn’t get any training in – unless you count an average of 15,000 steps per day and lugging a suitcase about with me!

Tonight, we were back at WAR and I pushed it: it was really hot, really sweaty, but I felt much more capable than I have in weeks and weeks, with the strength returning in my legs for the balance moves and the jumping lunges. Progress indeed! I’m sure I’ll have DOMS tomorrow, but that’s fine with me 😆 I also worked my shoulders, chest and core hard with some full press ups and I tried to focus on my form when doing planks and side planks. 💪🏻

I have my bag packed for tomorrow, I’m hoping to squeeze in a run before PiYo tomorrow night, again just to really push myself. Bring it on! 

This is my focus for the week: I hope it resonates with you, too. Have a strong week! 😎

Monday Motivation: 13 days to Spartan Race Day

Monday Motivation: 13 days to Spartan Race Day

Yip, you read that correctly. In two weeks, it will all be over. Hopefully I’ll be a Spartan Warrior 💪🏻

My training has been pretty solid this week, and I’m almost back to full fitness, while accepting that there will be some obstacles I’ll really struggle with. C’est la Vie.

Last Monday I worked really hard at WAR, pushing myself during the HIIT sections to really get the most out of it. We had a new routine, and boy did I feel it on Tuesday! Jacqui provided me with yet more invaluable techniques on Monday night using resistance bands, so I’ve been building them in to my training this week. Thanks as ever, Jacqui! 

Tuesday was a good day for training, I managed a Doubler by getting in a 5k run along Helensburgh seafront followed by an hour of PiYo stretch and Flow. I needed it after the previous evening’s hard work! 

I made it along to Jog Scotland on Wednesday and my intention was to drop back and do an easier run. However I just can’t resist the glen road, so I went with the Improvers 1 group for a little hill run instead. And I’m glad I did- it was a fab run! 

Thursday night’s PiYo class was cancelled so I did some cross training but kept it quite light. It was good to mix things up a bit. I then had a rest day on Friday, followed by a busy Saturday that left little time for structured exercise. I did do a good bit of weeding so my shoulders got a workout and I did plenty of squats, that’s for sure! I’m classing that as functional training 😉

Tonight, we had no WAR class due to last minute cancellations but instead I ran and did some strength training. Go me! 

All in all, I still have mixed feelings about the Spartan Sprint- I’m really looking forward to taking on such a different type of event and testing myself, but I’m a little anxious about some of the obstacles. I’m sure I’ll manage to drag myself over and under some stuff and I’ll have to rely on TheWelshWookie and others to shove or drag me over and through others! 

We are off to London later this week, so I’ll be trying to get as much training in during this early part of the week. Make the most of it while I can! 

 Have a brilliant week!