Reasons to be Happy

Reasons to be Happy

Welcome to my occasional series of posts on positivity, and reasons to be happy. Sometimes, counting your blessings is a really good thing. 🙂

This week I’m very grateful for:

1. My health. A little niggle in my ankle is nothing!

2. Planning. Lists, lists, lists are my friend, as always 🙂

3. Making a lifestyle decision, and sticking to it, seems to be reaping some benefits.

4. Having a weekend of Homeland ahead of me. Since Series 3 isn’t on Netflix, we’ve gone ahead and bought the box set, so that we’re up to date before series 4 begins.

5. Finding that my local Co-op was selling bottles of Chablis half price tonight. I love a bargain!


What are your reasons to be happy this week?

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