Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

I’ll say it: for the past couple of weeks I’ve been off track in terms of food, and exercise. It happens to us all, and I know from bitter experience that once you start to slide it’s easy to just continue.

Not this time 😉 I’m checking myself, and getting back on track. The heatlyh eating starts right now, and the fitness regime gets back on track tonight. It’s been easy to make excuses during the holidays with so much else happening, and exercise classes not being on. But I know that’s what they are – excuses.

One of my New Year resolutions, though, was to stop beating myself up if I don’t keep on track, and that has been a challenge itself but one that I’m really working on. I just need to pause, refocus and get right back into the game.

I’m back at circuits tonight – and a good, cardio/strength class is just what I need on a Monday to frame my week and get me off to a positive start. I know that well! So that’s where I’ll be this evening if you’re looking for me; I’ll be making friends with planks, squats, v sits and lots of other old friends again tonight 🙂  I came across this quote, and it sums up what I’ve been thinking today: stay honest!



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