Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Well, after last week’s admission, I’m pleased to report that last week showed real improvement. Or, at least it did until the weekend when I was at a harp residential and I firmly fell of the healthy eating bandwagon! There were so many fantastic treats that I just couldn’t help myself! 🙂 We had a brilliant time practising and learning som emew pieces and techniques, and I really turned a corner in terms of how I think about playing. It was such a worthwhile – and fun – weekend away!

So while learning the clarsach is helping me in so many ways, I also need to eat well and exercise – everything in balance! My activity last week was –

Monday – Circuits. It felt great to be back, and I worked hard. I’ve definitely lost some conditioning over the summer, but I’ll be looking to exceed where I was before. We worked in pairs, which was a shake up from before, and Jacqui mixed in some new (and old) techniques including partners wall sits, made more difficult by holding back your partner using a resistence band while they did squat jumps. Loved it!

Tuesday – a double header of Sculpt and TPP. Sculpt was up first – we used resistence loop bands to work on a variety of exercises for legs, glutes, arms, core, etc. It’s a tough workout, but I find that the class absolutely flies in! Then, after the DOMS have kicked in from Monday, and the tiredness from Sculpt, it’s time for Trigger Point Pilates which has really helped with recovery.

I didn’t manage along to JogScotland on Wednesday night as I had an appointment, and I knew I’d need to pack for my weekend away. I won’t manage this week either – so my plan is to get back to JogScotland next Wednesday instead.

Thursday – we did Round 57 of PiYo for the last time! I’ve really enjoyed this round, as it really mixed things up a bit. We even did the Bonus Flow track as well as the usual Flow track, eek! The bonus round had lots of core work, so it was tough, but great – right up my street.

I was then away Friday – Sunday, so didn’t get much chance to do anything much. Back to it today, though, with another full week of activity and healthy eating planned.

Here’s today’s motivation:


Have a great week!

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