Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Hands up – who found their plans scuppered last week due to the ‘Beast fae the East’? Not just me then? While we weren’t as badly affected in Tarbert as many places, we did have some snow which affected JogScotland, which was unfortunately cancelled two weeks in a row. Classes were affected to some degree, too, but we did have an awesome double header on Tuesday, when we had a Sculpt class, followed by Trigger Point Pilates. And we worked HARD at sculpt, I still had DOMS on Friday!

I’m finding that TPP is just what my body needs after a week of workouts, and it’s making a real difference.

Now that the weather is improving as we move into this week, I’m hoping for a full week of activity: tonight I have a douple class: Glo followed by Sculpt, and I have TPP on Tuesday. I’m hoping to get a short run in befroe that, too. Wednesday should ber a welcome return to JogScotland, and I’m really looking forward to PiYo and VeraFlow on Thursday.

I’ve eaten well this week, with most meals cooked from scratch (not by me, but by Tony of course), and I’ve mostly had healthy snacks. All in all I’m happy with that.

Here’s my weekly dose of Monday Motivation:


Have a good week – and let’s get back on it!

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Sometimes, the best laid plans slip. That just about sums up my year to date: here I am, looking at the end of January, and instead of being firmly on track by now as I usually would be, I’m still feeling the hangover from the festive period. I’ve had lots on, and I’ve been busy every weekend which has been wonderful, but the downside is that my routine has suffered.

I did start off – yet again – with good intentions last week: on Monday I had Glo, which was ace! It was just what I needed to blow off some cobwebs and I worked hard, buring almost 600 cals. On Tuesday, I went to Trigger Point Pilates which was just what I felt I needed, and I think that I’m really benefitting from these classes overall.  I also ate well at the start of the week. My work trip to Islay on Thursday meant that I didn’t manage back in time for PiYo, which didn’t really help at all as I find that Thursday nights really keep me focussed and on track heading into the weekend, not to mention that I love the class!

I then had a wonderful weekend away in Edinburgh to see Miss Saigon, and while I walked a lot and reached my step target each day, I did have yet another foodie blow-out. Oh dear. And so here I am, yet again, starting afresh today. My kit is packed and ready for Glo, and I’ve eaten well today so I’m starting this week as I mean to go on. I know that it will be another challenging end to this week with another trip away, and I won’t manage to PiYo or VeraFlow yet again, but I’m determined to do better than I did last week.

So for anyone else feeling the same way, I hope this helps:


Let’s do this!

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Well, it’s definitely turning wintery, the wind has a nip in it, and the temperature has dropped. Don’t you love the time of year? The only down side is the dark evenings, making it a bit more challenging to fit in running.

Last week, I had a solid week and I was almost back on track. I ate well, and I had an ace week with different classes:

Monday was the final WAR of this block, and I’m looking forward to trying out Glo again, which I haven’t done for some time. It should be great fun! Tuesday and I was back at stability ball, which was tough going: Jacqui added in weights, which was great. I wasn’t able to stay for Stretch and Flow, and I also missed Jog Scotland on Wednesday – it’s been a while since I’ve fit in a session, so I’m hoping to get along to the informal runs that are taking place between now and January.

Thursday night’s PiYo was magic: this new round is fun and challenging – and the music is awesome! We also had a return to VeraFlow, which I just love, and Jacqui introduced a mix of old and new tracks.

I’m hoping to fit in most classes this week, though I have other plans for Thursday night, so I will be missing my Piyo and VeraFlow fix. I’m sure I’ll make up for it somewhere!

Here’s your motivation for the week, if you need it:


Hve a great week! 😀

SpartanJogger Training Continues 

SpartanJogger Training Continues 

Well, in a fashion it does. And by fashion I mean this rather swish Spartan Ambassador Tee 😉   As the weeks go by, I’m feeling much more like my old self physically, but I still have a way to go with some numbness in my right thigh, triceps and upper back. My left knee isn’t collapsing nearly as much but I’ve not ventured a run on it yet. 

I had a great night at WAR last Monday working on my core, legs and arms in particular but I didn’t use my weighted gloves- I’m planning to add them back in tomorrow night, if my osteopath appointment goes ok. I was a bit wobbly in the legs last week, too, but much improved from the previous week. 

Yesterday, @TheWelshWookie and I went for a long, hilly walk in the woodlands above Tarbert, getting in six miles which was a real achievement: I felt ok physically, with my left leg struggling a little only in the downhill sections. 

The view was gorgeous:   When we got back, I did some work comparing my current training to the Spartan guide and there are some gaps I need to work on. Granted, I’m very happy that I’m already working hard on squats, lunges, planks, press ups and other key strength exercises, but I do have some gaps to address:

Bear Crawls: I’ll need to work on these to get my butt under the barbed wire. Not sure what to do beyond focussing on dropping my hips when holding a plank.

Pull Ups: Nope. Definitely a gap for me. Not sure I’ll ever manage pull ups so I’m going to rely on The Wookie punting me up ropes and walls 😆. Meanwhile I’ll work on my next gap:

Box Jumps: I’ve asked The Wookie to find a suitable implement we can use for practicing these- my coffee table is too high, higher than a dining chair. Still working on this one for now but I know it will be a critical one.

Sandbag Lifts: we’ve been working on imaginary sandbag lifts at WAR so I’ll have to really focus on this, and see if there’s something I can use in the meantime to build some strength here.

Not too bad, though, four key areas for development in terms of strength.

In the coming week I’m hoping to try a short run/walk/run so wish me luck with that, it’s been five weeks since my last run so I’m missing it terribly! 

All in all, training is slow: my focus has been in recovery and on returning to fitness in a measured way. Long may it continue but with five weeks until the Spartan run I hope that my improvements build momentum as my confidence in what I can do returns. 😀

TartanJogger to SpartanJogger?

TartanJogger to SpartanJogger?

I hope you’d think of me as someone up for a challenge. I’m not usually one to shy away from trying something new, unless it really, really scares me. And there aren’t too many that I can think of.

I’m a little scared of the tough, boot camp- obstacle type- races, though, and I don’t mind admitting it. I did the Zombie Night Run which had some obstacles, a lot of mud and a lot of water: and while I absolutely loved it, I thought it was at my upper limit for those types of races.

Well, not any more. In July, The Welsh Wookie and I are going to do our first ever Spartan Race! 


I’m going from TartanJogger to SpartanJogger 😉

We have the chance to do the Spartan Sprint- and so we’re going to really challenge ourselves both physically and mentally and do it! For those unfamiliar with Spartan Races the sprint involves a 5-6k trail run interspersed with 20 or so obstacles involving mud, walls, water, barbed wire, fire and any other challenges they can come up with. Gulp!

I’ve been out with injury (and I still am) for the past few weeks, but given the cross training I’ve been doing I reckon if I don’t do this race this year, I may never pluck up the courage to do it.

So….. bring it on! My training starts now with a return to WAR tomorrow night focussing on leg strength, upper body, arms and core. All of which I will definitely need. I’m far from where I was before but now is as good a time as any to get stuck in.

I’ll keep you updated with my training progress as this is all going to be very different for me.

Have you become a Spartan? Any training tips for me?  Are you joining us?

5×50 Challenge: Week Six Round Up

5×50 Challenge: Week Six Round Up

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5×50 Challenge: Week Five Round Up

5×50 Challenge: Week Four Round Up

5×50 Challenge: Week Four Round Up

In Pictures: 5x50challenge Week One

In Pictures: 5x50challenge Week One

Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Sorry for missing a post last week, @TheWelshWookie and I had spent the weekend in Dumbarton for my cousin’s twins Christening last Sunday. We had a lovely day! So my blog posting suffered. Oops! While we were there, and having the Monday off, we had health checks done. And it was good news, thankfully 😅 

We had blood pressure checks as well as cholesterol and glucose checks. All fine. I discovered I’m a half inch taller than I thought I was 😆 and my BMI is heading in the right direction, phew! 

With that done, I missed my Body Conditioning/WAR class, though. Hmmm, I can’t have everything! But for the rest of the week I stayed on track, running on Tuesday and Wednesday and doing PiYo and VeraFlow on Thursday.

My parents were though at the weekend, and yet again Tarbert and it’s people did what they do best: have a weekend of fun, music and entertainment. At the Fèis I tried whistle and learned some new guitar techniques. Our tutors were Craig and Mohsen from the Scottish Trad music group Talisk. If you haven’t heard them, check them out!

Today I was back at Body Conditioning/WAR and I worked hard! Jacqui is heading off on holiday, so I wanted to make the most of it and get my sweat on 😉  and when I got home, I had a parcel waiting for me: new trainers! Yay! All three of my current trainers have around 300 miles in them, so I really needed to get another pair in the mix. I love em!  Tomorrow I’m off to Aviemore for work and I’m deliberating about which trainers to pack… decisions, decisions! 

Here’s your motivation kick start for today:  Have a great week!