Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

This has been a very quick summer, and August is now almost upon us. How has that happened? I’ve had such a great summer so far and the weather continues to be better than usual so I’ll be making the most of it with a walk along the harbour later.

We’ve had another busy weekend with excellent company, fantastic meals out, family parties and gin, of course!

But what it means is my waistline is paying the price! And with more events planned, I have some dresses that I now need to shrink into! So, it back to the routine as much as possible over the next few weeks.

I’ve had a cheeky day off today, and I have spent it cleaning, washing and weeding – so it hasn’t been spent in the sofa for once!

Here’s to a new week:

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

I’ve not blogged for a couple of weeks, as we’ve been on holiday. It was good to step back and change up my routine with no pressure to keep anything up. We had a bit of a staycation: we visited places in North Wales before going to the Midlands and the coming back up via York. We had a great time!

During the first week, we kept our eating more or less on track, but we’re much more relaxed during the second week. And though we didn’t have any formal fitness plans, we did an awful lot of walking almost every day, often getting around 15,000 – 20,000 steps in. So all in all, not bad!

We are getting back into a routine this week. No circuits tonight, but we got a lovely long walk in after work instead.

Have a good week, whether you are in holiday, working or getting back, and don’t forget:

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Just a short post from me today on this bank holiday Monday:

Have a brilliant week!

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Welcome to a wet, windy Monday here on the west coast of Scotland. After a lovely, sunny and warm weekend, I’m looking out of the window to a deluge of water and some decidedly autumnal winds. Urgh! Looks like summer may be over!

How was your weekend?

I had a lovely time – Tony’s parents were visiting, and we spent the day on Saturday at Portavadie, using the fabulous spa facilities (yes, again). It’s very relaxing, with stunning landscapes across Loch Fyne. Even the sauna has a stunning view. Needless to say, I’m planning my next trip already….

My last run was back on Tuesday, but I’ve managed to walk a fair bit, and I also had PiYo and Veraflow classes, back to back, on Thursday. You all know that I love PiYo, but Veraflow was new to me. It was our instructor, Jacqui’s first time teaching it, and it was good fun!

The warm up involved latin-style dance steps, combined with some gentle stretching. Actually, that sums up the class well, too – lots of lovely stretches with fun dance-style routines that I’m hoping I might get to grips with after a few weeks 😉 I’m not the most co-ordinated person, as many of you will know.

Tonight, I’m off to Body Conditioning again – I worked hard at last week’s class, so much so that my DOMS lasted though until Saturday! 😮 I’m looking forward to feelin’ the burn again tonight – though I might have to make sure I don’t take it too far. I’ll then pull on my trainers again tomorrow night, Wednesday night and again on Saturday – we’re less than two weeks away from the Disneyland Paris half marathon – eek!

Here’s a little something to get you started this week, if you are struggling:


Have an ace week 🙂

Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Well, I don’t know about you, but today’s full moon on this longest day has wreaked mayhem for me! I was very grateful for PiYo tonight, where I stretched and sweated my troubles away;)

 How was your weekend? Mine was amazing. We had visitors: my BFF Pauline,her hubby Gavin, my goddaughter Olivia and the suddenly-very-tall Christopher. We had a great day out to Gigha where we walked and chatted and relaxed, and in the evening, Pauline and I sat in the hot tub for aaaaages! We then rounded off their trip with a delicious lunch at The George in Inveraray. Yum. 

If you need a motivational push to get you off the couch or away from the desk, I hope this helps: 

Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Hello, just a quick stop from me today- we had a wonderful weekend celebrating my nephew Liam’s First Communion on Saturday:

 Check out these crazy wee guys! On a less upbeat note, I’ve managed to irritate my sciatic nerve, so I’m off to the Docs tomorrow morning, just to check it out. Jacqui, my wonderful fitness guru has given me some stretches which have definitely hit the tender spot, so I’ll no doubt be doing those a few times a day for the next while. I’m hoping to keep up the fitness classes thought they may have to be adapted for now. 

Hope the sun is shining as brightly for you as it is for me today😀

Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

First, let me start today’s post by congratulating all of those fabulous runners who achieved over the weekend. I know a few people who had big runs and races, and I want to say well done to you all! 

I didn’t run over the weekend. This cold keeps flaring up, and it definitely seems to be coming in waves, so I’ve been getting plenty of cross training done instead. This weekend I had some brilliant fun wine tasting with the girls, it was such a fabulous night 🙂

Here’s something to get is all started this week: 

Not sure if say obsession but this has given me pause. 


Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you haven’t gorged yourself on too much chocolate 😉 I’ve had a lovely weekend. I was fortunate enough to see Adele live in Glasgow on Saturday night and she was even more amazing than I had imagined she’d be. On Sunday we had a great family day at Oran Mor in Glasgow where we had dinner. The food was fab!

I mentioned recently how this year is flying in, and to emphasise that further the 5×50 Challenge is upon us once again! @TheWelshWookie and I have signed up for a fourth year in a row. For those who don’t know about it, the 5×50 challenges you to be fit and active for 50 days in a row: originally the challenge was to walk or run 5k each day for 50 days. Now, there are a few challenges to choose from including the one I’m doing this year- to do a minimum of 30 minutes exercise (the equivalent of a 5k) each day for 50 days. 

This year I’m planning on posting a picture each day on both Instagram and on Snapchat which captures the activity I’m doing that day. Here are the images from days one and two:


I’m looking forward to this year’s challenge. I feel ready for it, especially as I don’t have many runs booked. Also, as I’ve really been focussing on cross training to support my running, this version of the challenge is spot on as it really accommodates that.

Here’s something I found on Pinterest during last week, and I’ve saved it to share today with you: 

 So, if you’ve overindulged on the choccies, don’t worry about it. Just enjoy it then get back on track.


Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Well, after weeks of fighting off the bugs, colds and other lurgies doing the rounds, I’ve succumbed 😦 Seems like a cold has finally caught up with me, bleugh.

Just as I find my running mojo again, which is typical. @TheWelshWookie and I signed up for the Dookers Doubler at this year’s Tarbert 10k; we’re officially running both the 5k and 10k in preparation for the inaugural DLP half marathon. Yay! So, we laced up our trainers and got out for a fab run on Saturday. I really felt good- my legs were strong and my stride/gait felt solid. I’m sure that’s the benefits of PiYo showing themselves, which I’m very happy about.

Yesterday, we were in Glasgow with Stacey and Joe, Pamela and Simon to see Adam Hills at the King’s Theatre. He did not disappoint- he was fantastic! I could feel the lurgy creeping up as the evening went on, but no way did I let that stop the enjoyment, it was so funny. If you get the chance to see him, do it!

Today, I’m struggling more, but I’m going to Clubbercise to dance it away- if I need to keep my session more low intensity than normal, so be it- but I’m definitely not giving in to feeling rubbish if I can avoid it 😉 And this is partly why my mind is winning at the moment:  

Happy exercising this week, all!

Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Welcome to another week! How are you doing? Have you started your week off with a fitness fix?

I’m just back from Clubbercise, where I tripped over one of the disco lights and I broke one of my glowsticks. Not at the same time, though. Oopsy! 

We’ve had visitors this weekend- the Donnellys were through visiting, so we had a weekend of football, walks, fun and games. And wine. Of course. It was a lot of fun. I didn’t squeeze a run in this weekend, but we made up for it in walks, I think.

Here’s a positive thought for the forthcoming week:

Be awesome, I love this!