Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Back to it!

After a few weeks of holidays, festivities, celebrations and parties; of eating and drinking my body weight in chocolate, prosecco and gin it is time to get back to routine.

Over the past few days I’ve enjoyed the remaking treats we’ve had a home and I’m ready to knuckle down and get back on track.

Here’s my plan:

Almost dry January- I’m not committing to dry January as I have some celebrations coming up, but I have cut out the extra booze when on the sofa. On track so far!

New Year Reset- Jacqui has organised a private group to keep each other on track and motivated during January. Keeping focussed is the key and this will be a huge help.

Back to Class- I’m looking forward to classes starting again later this week as the routine is a real positive for me. Over the past few weeks we’ve done lots of walking but I know I need to step it up.

Running Goals- I’ve committed to running the Kintyre Way Relay in May (eek!) which will be a great challenge. My plan is to add in some hill runs to my usual running routes while also building mileage. I’m planning on two runs this week- Jog Scotland on Wednesday and a lunchtime trail run on Thursday.

I’m not taking on too much, just getting back to basics and building my health and fitness again after a month of craziness!

Have a great week!

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