The Power Cut

The Power Cut

Immediately after @TheWelshWookie and I hung our decorations and lit our Christmas tree tonight, the power in our village went out!


Coincidence? I hope so!

And so, this is the briefest of posts, as we’ve already had a couple of false returns to electricity; this may be another!

It’s very snug and Christmassy, though 😉

And the treadmill is obviously not an option this evening!

6 thoughts on “The Power Cut

    1. I wish I could, ladies! We have no pavements around much of the village, and since the power is out, everything is pitch dark, with no street lights working….. even with fluorescent gear and lights on, I’m not going to take the risk tonight, so it’s a wee night off for me, I’m afraid 😦
      Hoping for normality to return tomorrow! 🙂

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