It’s advent! This year, @TheWelshWookie and I have advent calendars. Every year, we have an advent train, that we fill with chocolates every year.
However, this year we succumbed to temptation, and bought advent calendars, too.
TheWookie has a Lindt chocolate one, and he has kicked off advent with a dark chilli cherry mousse chocolate. Here’s his calendar:

I have a zero-calorie calendar, a Yankee Candle one:

My first tea light is a Christmas cookie one, it smells delicious!
It’s lovely, that the first Sunday in advent has actually coincided with 1st December!
Do you have any advent traditions?

5 thoughts on “Advent

  1. I love Christmas calendars – usually my dad still sends me one from Germany with really nice chocolates, but not this year. So I’ve bought some really nice chocolates for myself and am eating one each day instead. 😉 Enjoy your advent!

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