Power’s Back!

Power’s Back!

Just a quick post to thank all of the hard working engineers and support staff who have been working tirelessly to get us all connected to the electricity supply again, following today’s storms.

The forecast overnight is for low temps, so I am extremely grateful for being able to now switch on my electric blanket tonight!

Our power outage was only 14 hours; it could have been a whole lot worse than that. 😉

Thanks for all of your kind thoughts and words today!

14 thoughts on “Power’s Back!

    1. We’re fine; been thinking of the poor folks flooded out- a little power outage is nothing compared with that!

      1. No. It is all very sad. I heard on the news that some homes have fallen into the sea where they were close to the cliff edge. So so sad.

      2. I saw the pics, and it’s dreadful. I can only imagine what it would be like to lose everything, and so quickly.

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