Tree Huggin’

Tree Huggin’

I didn’t run tonight.

But, @TheWelshWookie and I did go for a walk instead. We took a walk around Tarbert harbour, because it was a lovely cold, crisp evening.

And because we wanted to see the Christmas lights.

photo (4)

Now that power has been restored, the lights are on. There wasn’t a grand lighting ceremony as planned, but the village does look lovely and festive!

photo (5) photo (8)

And for me, a lit Christmas tree means only one thing: that baby’s GOT to be hugged!

Here’s my hug of the tree in Coombe Abbey, Coventry two years ago:


And hugging Tarbert’s tree last year:


Here’s this year’s big hug:

photo (7)

It certainly gives the neighbours something to talk about!

What weird traditions do you have?

15 thoughts on “Tree Huggin’

  1. haha you hug the trees. Love it.

    Here in Canada some people will call hippies Tree Huggers. (You would fit in. I mean that in the best way.)

    Traditions that I have…hmmm. We always have an orange in our stocking and we have to eat that before we can open our presents. I had that one when I was a kid and I like to keep it going now with Warren and I. 🙂

    1. We use that term too- I promise that I only ever hug trees at Christmas time!
      I always have a tangerine in my stocking too: funny how some traditions are similar!!

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