Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Hello, and welcome to another week: it’s wild, windy and very, very wet here on the West coast. Late autumn, early winter is well and truly here!

I have yet to get back to running since my holiday. It’s just so dark and wet after work that my running mojo is in hiding. I’m hoping that it hasn’t gone into hibernation… I’m sticking with my classes, though, so all isn’t quite abandoned!

I’ve had another busy weekend, squeezing in three parties and a trip to Glasgow. On Sunday, we had our annual visit to George Square for Remembrance Sunday, followed by a trip to Dobbies Garden Centre – Christmas 2015 is officially underway for us. We had our first Red Cups and mince pies of the season:  

 I’m going to use this as inspiration for getting back out there this week:  

 I’m open to advice and motivation to get back out there – what do you do when you have times like this?

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