6 Month Mark!

6 Month Mark!

Well, we’ve arrived at the 6-month mark in 2013 already: wow! Happy Canada Day!

Today’s stats:

Run: 10k training run

Time: 1:00:11

Trainers: Lunarglide+5

Weather: cloudy, but bright

Fave running track of the day:

Well, I headed out tonight, thinking that the heavens might open, but fortunately, that didn’t happen. I ran two slow miles, along Tarbert harbour, and out to Garvel road end. While heading out along Pier Road to the concrete, my legs took over, and I was running quicker, which was good: felt OK tonight! A little boost of disco always helps, right?

Glad I got the 10K in, as I was tempted to chuck it after two miles. Go me!

Then, I came home to have a wee dip in the hot tub to find it had switched itself off, and was cold. Bummer. Oh, well, something to look forward to tomorrow night!


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