Marathon Training Tuesday

Marathon Training Tuesday

I ran today! Woo hoo!


Today’s Hal Higdon marathon training called for 3 miles. It was great to get out there. I sported my Great Run t-shirt for the first time 🙂


As we headed to the harbour, it was sunny and a little warm, but by the time we got to the end of the first mile it was chucking down! But, it actually felt really good to run in the rain.

When I uploaded my Nike+ SportWatch data, I saw that the Nike+ running site has had a facelift, and I like it! 😀

Screenshot (22)

I was really pleased with the pace tonight.

I also received an email today from the organisers of the GB Relay. It contained a link to the contact details of participants, so I’ve emailed the people on either side of our stage, so that we can arrange the baton handover. Hopefully it will all go very smoothly!

Did you run in sunshine or rain today?


Rainy Run Road Test

Rainy Run Road Test

I’ve been waiting all day, to road test some of the new gear I bought over the weekend. I decided to try out my cool stripy tights 😀

We’ve had dreadful weather here, with gale force wind and really heavy downpours, but nothing was going to stop me from trying out these babies!

IMG_2530 IMG_2532

Instead of heading to the harbour, we turned left, and ran along the Campbeltown road. @TheWelshWookie suggested running up the hill on the main road, instead of running to the West Loch: a suggestion he later regretted when he realised how steep the hill was! It was tough, but I’m really feeling the benefit of the hill training paying off.

You can see the elevation 🙂

Screenshot (1)

The hill gave me a chance to put the tights to the test. OK- so I know these are workout tights, not running tights. I know that I’ve gone for style over substance. BUT they are really comfortable to wear, and ideal for short runs. They did slip a little, so I probably won’t wear them on longer runs, or to races. But I do really like them.

@TheWelshWookie liked his new gear, too, including the new knee support, which is for his oldmanitis!

We were absolutely soaked by the time we got home, but I felt great! Autumn has definitely arrived, and I might have to dig out my running gloves soon…. my fingers were a little cold; it was around 10C/50F

On another note, the ticket ordering for the Commonwealth Games 2014 closed tonight: I hope I get some of those I’ve requested!


Today’s Stats:

Run: 2 mile, hills

Time: 20:26 pretty good!

Weather: Rainy, and quite cold

Trainers: Nike LunarFly GTX

Today’s Life Lesson: Why do socks always come out of the washer in odd numbers?

What is your favourite running outfit?

Day off Work = Day on Running

Day off Work = Day on Running

I have a long weekend off! Woop Woop!


And so, I’ve made use of my day: I’ve been a domestic Goddess, been shopping in the village, (and on the internet), packed for our weekend trip and gone for a run! Today is the first day that @TheWelshWookie has been for a run since our trail run on Sunday. We did a pretty solid 5K relaxed run, which I really enjoyed.

As we were heading home, the kids were having sailing lessons. By the sound of their whooping and laughter, they were having a great time! 😀


We’ve been healthy kids, and had a lovely salmon salad for dinner:


Beatson Challenge Update:

Day two of their three day challenge is over. Today’s section included running up (and down) The Rest and Be Thankful: a big hill which marks the half way point to Glasgow. It’s called The Rest and Be Thankful for a very good reason 😮

The report is that they even managed to run a little further than they had planned today, which must be a really good sign. They are doing absolutely brilliantly!

It’s likely that we’ll drive past them tomorrow on our way to Glasgow, so we’ll give them a wave from you all!

Today’s Stats:

Run: 5K easy run

Time: 31:12

Weather: Cloudy. It’s definitely getting cooler

Trainers: Nike Lunar Glides

Favourite Running Track Today:

Today’s Life Lesson: When you switch on the dishwasher, remember to check that you’ve put the tablet in properly 😉

What are your plans for the weekend?

Short and Sharp

Short and Sharp

Short and Sharp. No, not my temper- though usually it is 😉 but my run this evening!


I thought I should head out, and do a short, sharp threshold run, to see if I can build up some speed in advance of my races in October. And I ran pretty slow by most folks standards fast- for me 😉

During my first mile, I kinda forgot that I was supposed to be doing a threshold run, so I managed a mile in 9:27. My second mile was much better, at 9.05, so I was really pleased with that.

It was just as well I only planned to do two miles, as I definitely could not have maintained that for a third mile tonight!

On my way home, I found my first heart! 😀 runningtoherdreams has some beautiful pictures of nature’s hearts on her blog, and I’ve been looking for one for weeks. And tonight, I finally found one 🙂


Today’s Stats:

Run: 2 miles, threshold run

Time: 18:32

Weather: Cloudy with still some warmth in the air. It’s definitely getting cooler, though

Trainers: Nike Lunar Glides

Favourite Running Track Today: I’ve waited ten days to come across this one on my iPod!

Today’s Life Lesson: Some days, you just make good, steady progress. Be grateful for these, they don’t come often!

When did you last do a threshold run?

Home- Between Runs!

Home- Between Runs!

I’m ho-ome!


@TheWelshWookie and I spent the morning in  Dublin.  We visited Trinity College, where we were thoroughly entertained by  tour guide named David as we did the walking tour. We then queued, and visited the Book of Kells, and the Long Room of the old library. Both were really impressive!

photo (1)

We then flew back to Glasgow, and were thoroughly delighted to find that my mum had made us dinner before we headed home. Thanks mum!

So, I now find myself between races- recovering from the Dublin RnR, and looking forward to  The Perth Kilt Run on Saturday. It’s a busy week for running!

But, boy, it’s good to be home:


Today’s life lesson: people seem to leave their brains at home as soon as they get to an airport, so be prepared!

What do you look forward to most after a trip away?

In Dublin’s Fair City

In Dublin’s Fair City

Today, @TheWelshWookie and I have arrived in Dublin!

We were in Glasgow Airport for 8.30am, and waited an hour, having coffee, until we could drop off our suitcase. Our flight was at 11.30, and we flew to Dublin with Air Lingus. Look away now if small planes make you feel queasy!


After a pretty bumpy flight, we touched down in Dublin, and waited aaaaages for our bag. Yawn. But, when we headed for the car hire, a pleasant surprise awaited us- a pretty smart hire car!

photo (3)

We drove straight to the hotel, had a very quick change, then caught the Luas, or tram, into the DT Dublin Hotel, which was the venue for the Expo. The expo was about a half hour walk, which was a good opportunity for us to really get our bearings in the city.

The Expo was fun!

photo (1)

i picked up my bib, goody bag (which contained mostly leaflets and money off coupons, a packet of crisps and a packet of blister plasters, which will be very handy!) and T shirt.

I then collected my World Rocker medal, even though I haven’t run the second half yet! It’s massive, and, of course, I had to wear it all day 😉

I bought some new earphones, to wear whilst running:

photo (5)

The yurbuds are super comfortable, and designed not to fall out when running. We’ll see!

We then headed back into the city centre, to find something to eat. We had a lovely walk:

photo (4)

Until the heavens opened, and we got a thorough soaking! Fortunately, we flagged down a taxi, who took us to the Hard Rock Cafe, which is where we ate the night before the Edinburgh RnR Half, too!

photo (2)

We’re now back at the hotel, relaxing, and looking forward to the rest of the weekend.

Today’s Life Lesson: Remember to take important paperwork with you- going back for it is a pain!

What have you been up to on this Saturday?

Fly Over

Fly Over


So, it’s Saturday, and today @TheWelshWookie is away for a fortnight. We started this morning with a Strawberry and Pineapple protein smoothie, and while he headed out to meet his cadets, I headed out for my run.

Today’s stats:

Run: 9 mile long run: with three weeks until the RnR Dublin half, the taper starts now!

Time: 1:28:39 I’m pretty happy with this 😉

Trainers: LunarRacers

Weather: Warm, but cloudy- the sun burned through the cloud, and broke through just as I finished

First running track of the day: Kanye West – Stronger

The village was quite busy this morning, with lots of visitors around. The harbour itself had loads of boats coming in and heading out:


It’s the Tarbert Raft Race today, and it looks like they’ll have perfect weather for it. There was quite a bit of hustle and bustle, with people preparing for the event:


Is there always something going on in Tarbert I hear you ask? Well, yes- quite often there is! 😀

When I reached the mid-point of my run this morning, a sea plane flew overhead:


It circled right around the village, then headed back out over Loch Fyne. Sorry for the grainy pic, I was trying to run and take a pic at the same time!

Now, I’m going to finish packing, and start the first leg of my journey to London for the Color Run UK tomorrow- squee! I’m so excited!

Today’s life lesson: when you put your lunch in the oven, don’t forget about it. Burnt tortilla pizza is not good.

Has anything surprising stopped you in your tracks during a run before?

Sticky-Speed-Session *Squee!*

Sticky-Speed-Session *Squee!*

Evening, folks, and a Happy Hump Day to you all!


Today’s stats:

Run: 2.7 mile sticky, sweaty speed session. Lovely, huh?

I did: 1 mile warm up jog; followed by 7x 30 second sprints/30 second recovery walk. I then walked/jogged home, but I’m not too sure how far that was! 

Time: 28:56

Trainers: Lunar Racers

Weather: bright and very sunshiny! Again! Woop Woop!

Best running track of the day: Matinee, Franz Ferdinand. I love this. It reminds me of a former boss I had 🙂

I’d had a meeting in Helensburgh today, so I’d spent about 4 hours cooped up in the car, driving, so it felt great to stretch my legs tonight. I knew it would be hot, after last night, but I think I was better prepared for it tonight! I think it was around the 25 degree mark again. Hot (for here!)

I fancied a change of scenery, so instead of running along the village harbour I headed out to the West Loch, and ran down to that harbour instead.

photo-42 photo-39 photo-40

It made a lovely change, but is quite a short run, on its own. The first mile is downhill, then it flattens out a bit to the harbour itself, and the final mile home is back uphill, which was tough, but what I needed! I felt great, hence the *squee* in the title, even though I was icky and sticky with suncream….again! 😮

I also took a pic of this old sign, which I thought was quite quaint:


Today’s life lesson: carry your camera, or have your iPhone to hand when you’re driving, ready to pull in and take a snap. I saw the paddle steamer The Waverley today, but didn’t get a pic of it 😦

Which photo opportunities have you missed?

Back-to-Training Tuesday

Back-to-Training Tuesday

I ran today! Woo hoo!


OK- so it was very hot, at about 25 degrees, and very humid which is not something I  need to deal with every day! So, my run was very slllloooooow and pretty short as a result. But I did it!

It actually felt great, to get out and stretch my legs, since I hadn’t run since Friday. Except for the sticky suncream. Yuk. Factor 1,000,000 30 since I burn as soon as the sun appears, even if I’m only out for, maybe, 30 seconds 😉

Today’s stats:

Run: 3.5 mile recovery jog

Time: 35:37 slow and steady

Trainers: Free Run +3

Weather: bright and very sunshiny!

Best running track of the day: Hey Boy, Hey Girl, Chemical Brothers:

As it was a short run, I decided to wear my free run +3s. I only wear these for really short runs, as I much prefer my lunars for longer runs.

Here are my fabby coloured free runs:


And here’s a wee pic of my Nike trainers:


As you can see, I quite like a wee splash of colour! I do like to keep my trainers in rotation, to extend their wear and to make sure they’re in decent condition next time I run in them.

Tonight @thewelshwookie and I are toasting Andy Murray’s success having cracked open this beauty:


Today’s life lesson: whenever you take a day off, your workload is always waiting for you, including a couple of surprise challenges! For me today, that’s gone for both work and running!

Which suncream do you use when you run on sunny days?

Long Run Early

Long Run Early


Woo hoo! It’s Friday! And I’ve kicked off Seafood Festival weekend with an early long run I say early because I had to do two things:

  1. Run before work (I usually run in the evening) so I was up early, and knackered raring to go;
  2. Do my long run a day early. I usually try to get my long run in on a Saturday, but I don’t want to disappear and leave my visitors for over two hours tomorrow! Not very hostess-with-the-mostess!

Today’s stats:

Run: 11 mile long run

Time: 1:55:34 slow and steady

Trainers: Lunarglide+5

Weather: cloudy, with a little spot of rain during the last two miles

First running track of the day:

As I said, my run was early in the morning, which was a bit of a shock to my legs! For the third time, I donned my new, bright pink, compression socks, to give them another try. The jury is still out as to whether I think they are helping- I think they are, but I’m not entirely sure! Do you want to see how fetching they are?


Lovely, huh? Nobody tells you that it takes about 10 minutes to get them on! Or maybe that’s just my chubby legs 😉 

It was lovely and cool outside, and the rain had stopped awhile, leaving a bit of humidity in the air (no laughing- we do occasionally get a touch of humidity on the West coast of Scotland!). It was surprisingly lovely to run when the village was still quiet and peaceful.

Here’s a pic I took with the Cafebarge just peeping into the foreground:


And here’s another from the harbour:


Can you see the boat to the left of the picture, with the yellow trim? That’s Singing Sands. She used to be parked along the side of Garvel Road, out of the water. She marked the first mile of my run, most days, and was always a welcome site. Now, I have to rely on Nike+ for my mile marker, but it’s lovely to see her in the water.

Today’s life lesson: it’s always a good idea to make sure your Nike Sportswatch is charged before a long run: had to use my iPhone instead!

We have the Seafood Festival this weekend: what do you have planned?