A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Good afternoon: has everyone had as lazy a day as I’ve had, or is it just me?

Just chillin’

So, for the first day in a long time, I have no exercise planned. None. Whatsoever. Am I doomed?

I’ve had my morning protein smoothie, this one is with mixed berries, melon, pineapple with Greek yoghurt, chia, flax and chocolate protein powder:

I promise, it tastes better than it looks!

I’ve been catching up on some TV that I’ve missed, including Revolution (which is fab!)

I also tried out Quark Pancakes today, from www.nicsnutrition.com . They were really easy and quick to make, and were really delicious! The recipe suggests using wholewheat flour and backing soda: I’ll need to buy the flour, so substituted for self raising, just to give them a go. I also added some cinnamon, for flavour and sweetness, and they were great!

They were amazing! Thanks, @nicsnutrition ! 😀

20130721-153057.jpg 20130721-153138.jpg

What has everyone else been up to today?
Is it time to lounge in the hot tub yet? 🙂

Village Jogging

Village Jogging


I had planned to head out for an early run to beat the heat, but I’m afraid that the sun and the heat beat me to it!

Today’s stats:

Run: 7 mile ‘long’ run: definitely tapering now!

Time: 1:10:57 Given the heat, that’s Ok with me.

Trainers: LunarGlides

Weather: Sunny, hot, humid

First running track of the day: Jimmy Somerville- this reminds me of a teacher I had at school, who loved him!

As it is the Tarbert Traditional Boat Festival, I thought that the village would be busy, but it was much busier than I expected, for 9.30am! As I ran along the harbour, past the pontoons, there were lots of walkers, people heading for breakfast, walking dogs, enjoying the early morning sun. There were also lots of people setting up their stalls for the festival later today: the whole area was a hive of activity!

As I headed off of the path, and up onto Garvel Road, I managed to take this picture, and when you see it you wouldn’t know that the village was busy:



As I headed back toward the harbour for the second time, I saw that the pontoons had filled up with lots more traditional boats than there were on Thursday night when I was last down by the harbour.

IMG_1774 IMG_1775 IMG_1776

Last week I asked, is there always something going on in Tarbert? Definitely yes! 😀

There are loads of activities planned for the day, including climbing the greasy pole. The prize for the highest climber is a bottle of whisky: I’m not even sure I could do it with it still laying flat!


By the time I reached home I understood for the first time ever what is meant by the phrase ‘sweat pouring off you’. It was! But I’ve showered, rehydrated, and refuelled on some Thai red curry:


I hope you all have a good run today, and a fab weekend!

Today’s life lesson: jogging in and out of walkers, saunterers and cyclists is not a good look, when you have no co-ordination 😉

What’s your favourite food to refuel with?

Fly Over

Fly Over


So, it’s Saturday, and today @TheWelshWookie is away for a fortnight. We started this morning with a Strawberry and Pineapple protein smoothie, and while he headed out to meet his cadets, I headed out for my run.

Today’s stats:

Run: 9 mile long run: with three weeks until the RnR Dublin half, the taper starts now!

Time: 1:28:39 I’m pretty happy with this 😉

Trainers: LunarRacers

Weather: Warm, but cloudy- the sun burned through the cloud, and broke through just as I finished

First running track of the day: Kanye West – Stronger

The village was quite busy this morning, with lots of visitors around. The harbour itself had loads of boats coming in and heading out:


It’s the Tarbert Raft Race today, and it looks like they’ll have perfect weather for it. There was quite a bit of hustle and bustle, with people preparing for the event:


Is there always something going on in Tarbert I hear you ask? Well, yes- quite often there is! 😀

When I reached the mid-point of my run this morning, a sea plane flew overhead:


It circled right around the village, then headed back out over Loch Fyne. Sorry for the grainy pic, I was trying to run and take a pic at the same time!

Now, I’m going to finish packing, and start the first leg of my journey to London for the Color Run UK tomorrow- squee! I’m so excited!

Today’s life lesson: when you put your lunch in the oven, don’t forget about it. Burnt tortilla pizza is not good.

Has anything surprising stopped you in your tracks during a run before?