My Brother Bungees

My Brother Bungees

The day before @TheWelshWookie and I set off to Tenerife, we were in Clydebank for a special event.

My brother Joe was doing a bungee jump!

He’d been given the experience from Stacey, his wife, and Ryan, his son, as a Father’s Day gift 🙂 I’m not quite sure what that means…… insurance money, anyone? 😉

The date was auspicious: exactly six months from Joe and Stacey’s Wedding.

So, on a lovely, sunny day we headed to the Titan Crane with Simon and Matthew, Leigh-Anne, Kieran, Aidan and Nathan, and my dad to witness this event – and to check he actually did it!

The Titan Crane was built in 1907, at John Brown’s shipyard in Clydebank. It was the largest cantilever crane ever built, and was essential for building many of the world’s most famous ships including the Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mary, the QE2 and the Royal Yacht Britannia.

You can read more about it here: it’s now a brilliant tourist attraction, with a lovely cafe at the bottom of it.

Earlier this week, one of the Queen’s Baton Relay participants abseiled down The Titan with the Commonwealth Games Torch. It made for some great photos.

At 164 feet, this is the highest permanent bungee structure in the UK. As it’s from the crane, the jump is over the water which used to be the shipbuilding dock. While we waited, Joe was taken through the safety briefing, and soon headed to the crane with another five intrepid jumpers.

We watched as two jumpers went. then it was Joe’s turn. He had no hesitation. He ran and launched himself off the top! The bungee is secured around the waist, to allow the jumpers to have a running start, which was so much better than shuffling to the edge with and ankle tie.





Stacey could barely watch; but the rest of us loved it! Then, we headed to a local restaurant, also called the Titan for some late lunch, and a celebratory beer. I think Joe earned it!

Have you ever bungeed?

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