Decision Made

Decision Made

Hello, everyone, this week has just flown by! And I haven’t even filled you in on the Viking Festival, my brother’s bungee jump, Tenerife or the Queens Baton Relay yet: I’m gonna be one busy blogger 😉

Well, as my post title says, I’ve made a decision. A tough decision. And after wrestling with it for a while, I’m now at peace with it.

I’m pulling out of the Loch Ness Marathon.

No sad face: it’s the right decision – for now.

When I signed up in January, I underestimated the work that would go into organising my wedding and honeymoon. And we’ve been away a lot which has not helped my training schedule. I’ve also had other stuff going on that has demanded my time and attention. And I’ve had a bit of an ankle issue that’s been niggling. Finally, I have lots of weekends away planned over the next few weeks, so fitting in long runs will be well nigh impossible.

There’s always next year 😀

It now means that I can relax a little more, and enjoy my next couple of weekends celebrating at various Commonwealth Games events.

Hopefully we can go along and support the runners instead.

So, bring on the Perth Kilt Run, the TT10K, the Great North Run and the Great Scottish Run next!

Have you had to pull out of a race before? How did you feel about it?

20 thoughts on “Decision Made

  1. If you feel better for it then it was the right decision. I was gutted to pull out of last weeks 10k in London, but once the decision was made I felt less stress and pressure, it was the right thing to do

    1. Thanks. I’ve been struggling with the decision for some time. I plan to cone along and support, though!

  2. I think that if you feel ok with it, then it was the right decision. Better that than to risl injury on your ankle! Plus, next year, you will be able to apply what you have learnt so far about fitting training in.

    I had a hard time pulling out of Silverstone – I felt like I had let others down and I also felt a bit stupid for signing up in the first place and then telling other people.

  3. I pulled out of running my second marathon last year after developing an injury. I felt let down, but I knew I would run one again someday..and I am in over a week! Such a smart decision on your part, the last thing you want to do is cram, stress out and/or injure yourself. You have so many other fun races just up ahead, and when you are finally ready to train you will be an even more experienced runner! 🙂

  4. Given your reasons, I think it’s a wise decision. There’s no point in trying to keep training on a niggle – it will get worse! Also, if you don’t have time to fit in the long runs, it’ll be one mighty struggle. I’m glad you feel good about your decision, and so you should! There are always other marathons. Incidentally, perhaps you’ll enjoy entering a spring marathon. The prospect of running the Rome Marathon in March certainly kept me training happily though the last winter! 😉

    1. Thanks, Julia. That’s a really good idea: I might be spending some time over the next couple of weeks looking at Spring marathons…… 😉

  5. Sounds like the right decision.
    I had to pull out of the Paris marathon last year and, although gutted, I knew it was the right thing to do. You will come back a better and stronger runner.

  6. I pulled out of a half marathon last Sunday and I’m happy with my decision. Running a marathon is no joke or something to be half-assed, so your decision is probably the best one you could’ve made under the circumstances.

  7. I pulled out of the marathon I was signed up for in June, and it was definitely the right decision. Now I get to choose one for my first all over again, and it’s so exciting!

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