Season’s Eatings!

Season’s Eatings!

Happy mic check day!

1-2; 1-2: get it?


no, not that….. never mind…..

I’m sorry, I seem to be overdosing on Christmas posts: I promise I’ll do my best to throw some running into the blog mix soon! 😮

Tonight, we had our first festive dinner. It was delish. I tried my best to fill my plate with veggies, and I limited my pigs-in-blanket to two, and I only had one stuffing ball. Sprouts are my absolute favourite. I’d happily eat them all the time.

photo (9)

I did add gravy after this, though 😉

I was stuffed. It was a big plate! But still, that didn’t stop me from polishing off this too:

photo (10)

White chocolate, raspberry & marshmallow cheesecake. Just a small slice!

Now I plan to be good. Ish. Until I hit Glasgow for lunch with my mum tomorrow, that is……

Have you begun your Christmas feasting early?

15 thoughts on “Season’s Eatings!

  1. Marshmallow in the cheesecake???? Sign me up!!!! My eating season commences tomorrow with our office Christmas luncheon. Then the Hubs has his office party Saturday. And then the wheels on my diet come flying off……

  2. I am like Running Girl…marshmallow in the cheesecake? WOW! yum

    Tuesday and today at work there were appie like foods around and I always over eat on those so I enjoyed my Christmas eating this week. Well the start of it. 🙂

    Brussel sprouts with bacon and onion are so delish. Not sure if you have had them that way before but I would recommend it. Best way to eat them I find and they are also good that way cold. (I am a bit strange yes).

    1. Poor you! But you’ll be excited with the launch of the Disney race info over the past few days- distraction, no?

  3. Oh it certainly has! We had one job xmas party last night with apps, dinner and dessert. Another work thing (pot luck lunch) next Wednesday, another work thing on Thursday with apps and drinks, and let’s not forget my birthday tomorrow where I’m suuuuure we’ll be going out to dinner or something!

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