You Found Me By Searching What? Part Two

You Found Me By Searching What? Part Two

A few weeks ago, I wrote a short post abut how some people had found my blog by searching ‘depressed quotes’!

Well, things must be looking up for me, as someone found me this week by searching for this:

photo (1)

Yay! Cool Movember motivation? That’s more like it!


It’s ‘fess up time. I’ve had some late nights this week, and so my POTM has slipped. I’m about 10K off target, which is not good; but is entirely recoverable, I hope!

How are you doing with your November challenges?

10 thoughts on “You Found Me By Searching What? Part Two

  1. Too funny! I had someone find me with “how to use my iPhone5”..that was super random. And yesterday “Bernal Heights Runner Girl”- I guess there is a girl that runs in her bikini along one of the same paths I use so my blog comes up when you search for her!

  2. I’ve just started a 30 day challenge for hip flexor stretching and glute strength to try and reduce the amount of work my calf muscles have to do for propulsion. It’s day 2, so I’ve hardly started…

      1. It’s only day 2 so you can catch up easily! Plus I know you’ve now got the ‘fitness suite’ going so you have a place to pump out some squats and stretches 😉

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