A Simple Run

A Simple Run

Tonight, I’ve had a lovely, straight forward run.

Nothing fancy, no distractions, just a run. It’s great, when you just have a brilliant run.

I was enjoying the smell of the sea air, with its tang of ozone, and salt.

I was able to enjoy the tranquility of the harbour:


And I even took time to enjoy the flowers, some still enjoying the sunshine, and hanging onto the summer for as long as possible:


While elsewhere I could see some signs of the season beginning to change:


All in all, it’s really beautiful here, I’m really lucky:


Today’s Stats:

Run: 4 fantastic miles

Time: 43:28, slow, enjoying the views

Weather: Cloudy with some sunshine; warm

Trainers: Nike Lunar Glides

Favourite Running Track Today:

Today’s Life Lesson: it’s the simple things 🙂

When did you last stop, look around, and enjoy?

9 thoughts on “A Simple Run

    1. It was, thank you. I’ve got to admit, I’m glad that I only have 10Ks planned for autumn, so I’m hoping for more runs like today 🙂

  1. I enjoyed my run along the river path today, no salty sea air though…. I’ve enjoyed many runs near the ocean when we travel to the coast. Always fun to stop and watch the waves roll in and out. You are lucky to be so close to the sea!

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