No, not to running, I’m afraid.

I’m confessing my addiction to Breaking Bad! 😉


My boring life is on hold as I watch episode after episode, and I now have only three episodes left to watch 😮

Not bad, since I only started watching a couple of weeks ago! I’ve been viewing all campervans with suspicion ever since 😉

So, no running. But to be honest my legs are enjoying the break after three races in 14 days. My next race is 16 days away.

But I’ve not caught up on any other TV shows: Strictly Come Dancing, or Under the Dome, or Biggest Loser, or Downton Abbey, or even Pointless!

Tonight, I’ll get my life back, just in time for a busy weekend 😉

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Good afternoon: has everyone had as lazy a day as I’ve had, or is it just me?

Just chillin’

So, for the first day in a long time, I have no exercise planned. None. Whatsoever. Am I doomed?

I’ve had my morning protein smoothie, this one is with mixed berries, melon, pineapple with Greek yoghurt, chia, flax and chocolate protein powder:

I promise, it tastes better than it looks!

I’ve been catching up on some TV that I’ve missed, including Revolution (which is fab!)

I also tried out Quark Pancakes today, from . They were really easy and quick to make, and were really delicious! The recipe suggests using wholewheat flour and backing soda: I’ll need to buy the flour, so substituted for self raising, just to give them a go. I also added some cinnamon, for flavour and sweetness, and they were great!

They were amazing! Thanks, @nicsnutrition ! 😀

20130721-153057.jpg 20130721-153138.jpg

What has everyone else been up to today?
Is it time to lounge in the hot tub yet? 🙂