No, not to running, I’m afraid.

I’m confessing my addiction to Breaking Bad! 😉


My boring life is on hold as I watch episode after episode, and I now have only three episodes left to watch 😮

Not bad, since I only started watching a couple of weeks ago! I’ve been viewing all campervans with suspicion ever since 😉

So, no running. But to be honest my legs are enjoying the break after three races in 14 days. My next race is 16 days away.

But I’ve not caught up on any other TV shows: Strictly Come Dancing, or Under the Dome, or Biggest Loser, or Downton Abbey, or even Pointless!

Tonight, I’ll get my life back, just in time for a busy weekend 😉

18 thoughts on “Addicted!

  1. No shame in that. I did the same with The West Wing and The Sopranos a few years ago. Two big fat DVD-fests!!! Good luck in your next race.

  2. Breaking Bad is on my list to watch! But first, I must make my way thru Scandal…..

    Not a bad way to recover from all your races and rest up for your next one!

  3. Nothing quite like binge-watching a series/box set!
    My husband just watched Breaking Bad but I haven’t seen it yet. Suspect I’ll watch that over the winter (once Strictly and Downton are finished!)

  4. I once watched ten episodes of Dexter in one day!! Going to start watching Breaking Bad this coming week!

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