Next New Nikes?

Next New Nikes?

Today, I’ve been very domesticated again, catching up on the laundry.

I also went for a short run, to stretch my legs from Monday, and to prepare for Saturday.

Today’s stats:

Run: 2 miles

Time: 20:03

Trainers: LunarRacers

Weather: Warm, and sunny

First running track of the day: Black eyed Peas, I Gotta Feeling

You all know that I’m a pretty big fan of Nike trainers, they really suit my running jogging:


So, I’m sure you’ll allow me to get a little excited over the new Nike free runs:


These look so, sooooo comfortable! Just like socks with trainer soles!

What do you think of them?

RnR Dublin- Done!

RnR Dublin- Done!

photo (7)

I did it! I ran my second half marathon, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin half, and it was GREAT! My unofficial time, courtesy of my Nike+ SportWatch was 2:16:10 which is over 6 minutes faster than my first, so I’m pretty pleased, but I’ll wait for the official time before I celebrate that!

Right now I’m celebrating finishing, feeling good, and smiling the whole way round (well, we’ll see if the photographers captured that!)

The medal’s great:

photo (8)

And I’m not aching, or waking oddly- yet!

Photo (9)

At mile 11, this song came on and, cheesy though it may be, it really gave me a boost in the final couple of miles:

I’ll post a full race report later this week. For now, @TheWelshWookie and I are heading out to hunt down a Guiness- shouldn’t be too hard!

Today’s Life Lesson: get to the portaloos early, for obvious reasons….

What have you achieved on this lovely Monday?

New Socks n Tracks

New Socks n Tracks

Well, I’ve started off the week with every good intention, with a 5k run, which @TheWelshWookie did with me.


Today’s stats:

Run: 5k run

Time: 32:02:57 so much for my planned tempo run!

Trainers: LunarRacers

Weather: Warm, and sunny, but cooler than last week

Newest running track of the day: Avicii, Levels

I left my run until later, heading out at around 7pm. I’m really glad I did that, as the sun was still shining, it was warm, but much cooler that it has been all week. I just ran my usual harbour route, which I love. As I walked back along the harbour, there were a few clouds, which was lovely to see. I took a couple of snaps (you’ll be used to this view by now!)

IMG_1801 IMG_1800

I had two new purchases, which I tried out tonight. First were my new socks from the Color Run. No, they aren’t compression socks, but I wanted to give them a try anyway:


My second newbie was a new album I had downloaded from iTunes over the weekend, #HolidayAnthems, which I love. I listened to it driving home from my meeting in Dunoon today, and again while out running! 😀


It definitely kept me going tonight!

Today’s life lesson: sometimes, the male of the species can be reasonably domesticated…. which is a pleasant surprise (and means no excuses for the future)!

Have you tried out anything new on a recent run?

Back-to-Training Tuesday

Back-to-Training Tuesday

I ran today! Woo hoo!


OK- so it was very hot, at about 25 degrees, and very humid which is not something I  need to deal with every day! So, my run was very slllloooooow and pretty short as a result. But I did it!

It actually felt great, to get out and stretch my legs, since I hadn’t run since Friday. Except for the sticky suncream. Yuk. Factor 1,000,000 30 since I burn as soon as the sun appears, even if I’m only out for, maybe, 30 seconds 😉

Today’s stats:

Run: 3.5 mile recovery jog

Time: 35:37 slow and steady

Trainers: Free Run +3

Weather: bright and very sunshiny!

Best running track of the day: Hey Boy, Hey Girl, Chemical Brothers:

As it was a short run, I decided to wear my free run +3s. I only wear these for really short runs, as I much prefer my lunars for longer runs.

Here are my fabby coloured free runs:


And here’s a wee pic of my Nike trainers:


As you can see, I quite like a wee splash of colour! I do like to keep my trainers in rotation, to extend their wear and to make sure they’re in decent condition next time I run in them.

Tonight @thewelshwookie and I are toasting Andy Murray’s success having cracked open this beauty:


Today’s life lesson: whenever you take a day off, your workload is always waiting for you, including a couple of surprise challenges! For me today, that’s gone for both work and running!

Which suncream do you use when you run on sunny days?

Long Run Early

Long Run Early


Woo hoo! It’s Friday! And I’ve kicked off Seafood Festival weekend with an early long run I say early because I had to do two things:

  1. Run before work (I usually run in the evening) so I was up early, and knackered raring to go;
  2. Do my long run a day early. I usually try to get my long run in on a Saturday, but I don’t want to disappear and leave my visitors for over two hours tomorrow! Not very hostess-with-the-mostess!

Today’s stats:

Run: 11 mile long run

Time: 1:55:34 slow and steady

Trainers: Lunarglide+5

Weather: cloudy, with a little spot of rain during the last two miles

First running track of the day:

As I said, my run was early in the morning, which was a bit of a shock to my legs! For the third time, I donned my new, bright pink, compression socks, to give them another try. The jury is still out as to whether I think they are helping- I think they are, but I’m not entirely sure! Do you want to see how fetching they are?


Lovely, huh? Nobody tells you that it takes about 10 minutes to get them on! Or maybe that’s just my chubby legs 😉 

It was lovely and cool outside, and the rain had stopped awhile, leaving a bit of humidity in the air (no laughing- we do occasionally get a touch of humidity on the West coast of Scotland!). It was surprisingly lovely to run when the village was still quiet and peaceful.

Here’s a pic I took with the Cafebarge just peeping into the foreground:


And here’s another from the harbour:


Can you see the boat to the left of the picture, with the yellow trim? That’s Singing Sands. She used to be parked along the side of Garvel Road, out of the water. She marked the first mile of my run, most days, and was always a welcome site. Now, I have to rely on Nike+ for my mile marker, but it’s lovely to see her in the water.

Today’s life lesson: it’s always a good idea to make sure your Nike Sportswatch is charged before a long run: had to use my iPhone instead!

We have the Seafood Festival this weekend: what do you have planned?